October 16, 2020

Schutzenfest 2020

SZ20 McConnell 00243 950x600Members and Guests gathered on the firing line at Schutzenfest 2020.

By Kurt Griffith
Photography by Mike McConnell and Kurt Griffith

On October 10th we celebrated Schutzenfest, a German Fall Festival celebrating the Arts of Marksmanship celebrared in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We shared a fun afternoon of firing off some rounds, yummy food, sacrificing a pumpkin, and a rather good – and noisy – time on a gorgeous day. This is our annual take on the classic German fall festival!

It was an informal day. Members and guests brought out their noisemakers. We set up a casual range in the field facing the Farmhouse, set targets ranging from offcial range targets to balloons, plastic bottles, and overripe tomatoes, and laid down the law on safety rules. Then we let fly on a sparkling Fall day, not too brisk, not too hot. More experienced shooters instructed novices on both safety and marksmanship with weapons from AR-15s, to hunting rifiles, WWII vintage weapons, to an adorable tiny purse pistol. Our crew served up a yummy spread of Fall treats, cheddarwiurst, strudel, cider, glazed meatballs and more. A grand – and noisy – time was had by all. Enjoy the photo essay!

SZ20 Griffith 8490 800x520Taking a tilt with a classic WWII era Mosin-Nagant.

SZ20 McConnell 00241 950x600The simple range set up in our front pasture, cattle moved out for the festivities.

SZ20 Griffith 8504 800x520Members and guests provided a specrum of armaments.

SZ20 Griffith 8494 800x520Instruction in the basics of target pistol shooting.

SZ20 Griffith 8505 800x520A delicious Fall feast makes the day complete. Everything tastes better in fresh October air!

SZ20 Griffith 8506 800x520Taking a break from the noisy bits to enjoy some good food and good fellowship.

SZ20 Griffith 8500 800x533Lucky shot! No, not the Pistolero, the photo! Catching the ejected brass in the air, moments after the shot.

SZ20 Griffith 8488 800x520The late and beloved King William, ever-so-briefly reigning as the King of the Festival, who's essence was ritually offered to the Land near the close of the festivities. Yes, you did see that one coming... "Fire at Will."