December 16, 2020

A Yule Message from Four Quarters

Yule2019 Krystek4 800Solstice Sunrise through the Mother Stone, Yule 2019

Given the increasing rates of coronavirus cases across the country, out of an abundance of caution, we have cancelled our upcoming Yule event scheduled for December 18-20.
We will remain open for individual visitors seeking solace through the divine in Nature.

If you have questions, please contact our Office at 814-784-3080.

The Wheel still turns. Harvest has ended and frost covers the land. The days are short, the nights long and cold. We yearn for the long, warm days of summer, for the green grass and the scent of flowers on the breeze; we yearn for the sun's return... and the laughter, fellowship, and comfort of our Communities of Spirit. But while the Pandemic still rages across the land, we must hold the safety and health of our Members, Guests and Community of Service as our highest priority and responsibility. As a primarily indoor event, we felt we could not responsibly host our traditional Yule celebration in a safe manner.

So while each of us in our own ways prepares to celebrate the Long Night and the rebirth of the Sun, remember that the Wheel still does turn, and soon the Sun's light will once again warm our faces. And in the hour of darkness, there are glimmers of light at what may be the end of an exhausting and grim tunnel. A promise of vaccines provides hope that there may be relief from the most intense public health crisis our generation has experienced to date.

But hope is not enough. We must not allow the promise of coming vaccines cause us to grow lax and complacent in our vigilance. Coronavirus will remain dangerous for many months to come, and we must continue to diligently stick with the precautions and protocols that help keep us all safe, till we come to a time we can gather once more.

It will take faith, perseverance, care, and compassion, to carry us through the most singular and challenging holiday season in living memory, with so many of us separated from family and loved ones. But if we remember our shared humanity and take care of each other, we will keep the light alive, and we shall get through this.

Blessings of health and a safe Yule and Winter Solstice to each and every one of you from all of us at Four Quarters.  

Kurt Griffith and the Board of Directors
Photo by Carrie Krystek