February 24, 2021

The 2021 Calendar

By now you should have received your copy of The Wheel of the Year Calendar,
or your complete Membership Packet if you are a Member of Four Quarters.
We are mighty proud and tickled pink with this year's mailing!

    Last year, 2020, we cancelled the printed calendar amid much soul-searching and uncertainty
given the evolving pandemic. That was of course the correct decision, but one that left us quite sad.
We have been producing the calendar since 1997 and it is a labor of love that defines our seasons of the year..


 So, this year we have come back with bells and whistles, increasing the page count of the calendar to 76 pages
and of the Members Muse for Members to 12 pages. We had even more to say but, well, you have to stop somewhere.
All told we spent $500+ on supplies and first class postage to our Members, and just under $10,000 printing 5,000 copies and bulk mailing 3,200 of those copies. While this is only a third of our usual cost, that is a lot of money to us in this year of greatly reduced economic activity, but worth every effort as a part of our out-reach.

We had some fun with the Membership Cards this year, because we think it will be an
amazing, positive and smile filled season as we emerge from the Covid restrictions.


 And received in kind a heart-felt note from our most recent Lifetime Sustaining Member, at 93 years old,
and with Spring and Beltaine just around the corner, ever young at heart!
    If you would like to be on our mailing list and receive one of our spare copies of this year's calendar,
just click the link, give us your complete mailing info and we will send one your way.