March 3, 2021

Celebrate Ostara at Four Quarters

Griffith Spring2017 2384 1200 Crocuses, harbingers of Spring, rise up at the Farmhouse. Spring 2017.

”Winter's freezing cold and dreary stillness has lingered long, penetrating our hearts as well as our homes. But have hope; sunlight is returning, birds are chirping, and the smell of the Earth thawing heralds the Return of Spring.”

Join us on March 20 to celebrate Ostara at Four Quarters!

Weather and circumstances permitting, we will safely gather in the Great Outdoors for workshops, hands-on practical crafts, a nature walk/tour—perhaps an Egg Hunt—and we will welcome Spring's Return with an outdoor Ostara service in the Stone Circle. Light refreshments will be served at the at the Coffee Dragons. Festivities begin at Approximately Noon.

Tentative Agenda (as of 3/18/2021)

Friday, March 19 evening


7pm Introduction to Misa
7:30pm Misa Spiritist Mass ceremony

Saturday, March 20

12pm Ostara workshop: Spring's Return, with Carrie
Socratic discussion of the purposes and methods of celebrating Spring through history to present. Share about your own traditions!

1pm Practical Crafts of the Season, with Beth
Fun with eggs and natural dyes!

2:30pm Springtime Stroll around the Farm, with Chris
Look for signs of Spring at the Farm! Say hi to our cattle!

5pm Ostara Ritual: Stone Circle, with Kailin and friends
Celebrate the awakening of the Earth and ourselves from Winter's deep sleep.

6pm Hospitality around the Fire, at the Coffee Dragons.
Light refreshements bring the fellowship!

As always, everything is subject to change due to the needs of ceremony, the whims of weather,
and the antics of mischievous gods. Go with the flow, and keep a sense of humor!

Donations accepted, please call or email the office to let us know how many to expect.