June 14, 2021

Bringing back a Full-Fledged & Fun Drum ’N’ Splash 2021

DnS Slider 01 Parade drummers Lighting up the night at Drum N Splash 2020.

Drum ’N’ Splash 2021

Wednesday June 30 - Sunday July 4th, 2021

We are gearing up for a fully-realized and festive Drum ’N’ Splash, restored to its happy, thumping, and splashing glory for all of us to enjoy. Last year, due to Covid-19 constraints, we had to assemble and prepare Drum ‘N’ Splash with an exceptionally short timeline and tight resources. Nonetheless, we still had a great event!  

As Pennsylvania relaxes its Covid mitigations, we continue to work closely with the Pennsylvania Dept of Health in maintaining safe public health during this public emergency.

We're planning a big year for 2021 with a lot going on, and plenty to do. A number of Crowd Favorites will be returning along with some New Presenters, more classes and workshops, and of course the solace and shelter of the Land. Here's some of what we have in mind for this year - click the link to see the schedule.

Draft Schedule of Activities for Drum ’N’ Splash 2021!

We’ve brought back Eesa Grayson this year with his amazing skills and thousand-watt smile, and Kristen Arant’s upbeat energy and folks from Bele Bele Rhythm Collective. Ken Crampton returns with another crate-load of Insanity, Delight, and Dragons! We’ll have Billy Woods, with Drum and Chi Gung. The Kasbah will continue and grow, adding Melisa Ishtar Murphy to Nina Amaya and Shahrazad Shiraz. We’ve convinced Erro Gutshal to do a special session on the energy between Djun Djun, Djembes and other Drums in the Fire Circle! Kurt Griffith will somehow find time to present Native American Ceremonial Drum and the thunderous roar of Japanese Taiko. We also have Tad Kato, Harold Taddy, and Colin Lennox to fill out the program.

The EDM River Cadence Stage, presented by the Normals, will bring acoustic and electronic sets all three nights of DnS on the New Camp Stage, just a stroll across the beautiful Rainbow Bridge.

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We’ll have our traditional Ducky Race and the Bathing of Aphrodite. We’re continuing the great improvisational fun of The Percussion Plus Open Mic and Drum Coffeehouse. We're planning Sweat Lodge ceremonies through the festival. Of course there are our epic evening Drum Circles, Fire Spinning, Casual Jamming, Songs, and Stories at the Coffee Dragons, the Wonderful Saturday Night Community Feast, Parade of Talent, and Fabulous Fireworks!

Drum ‘N’ Splash’s schedule is always subject to last-minute changes, ceremonial time, the acts of mischievous gods, antics of contrary humans, brilliant and/or desperate improvisations, and the blessed weather! But we pride ourselves on flexibility and a sense of humor, and have fun anyway!

As the pandemic crisis eases, we’ve been flowing with the changes with an eye towards everyone’s health and safety. We think we have put together a fun and engaging event. Nothing but gratitude for everyone’s hard work, flexibility and bearing with the moving target that is life with and after Coronavirus!

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Registration Information for Drum and Splash 2021 

Tickets are strictly limited. Call our office to pre-register with your credit card, and with your questions at 814-784-3080.

[ link to ]  ~  Or Register Online with our Shopping Cart.  ~

  • Member's Pre-Registration by June 19: $95
  • Non-Member Guests: Wed/Thr arrival $125 by June 19; $140 at Gate
  • Non-Member Guests: Fri arrival $105 by June 19; $120 at Gate
  • Non-Member Guests: Sat arrival $90 by June 19; $105 at Gate
  • Children under 16 are cherished and FREE!

Meal Plans & Accommodations

The Starvin’ Artist serves Brunch and Dinner with Herbivore and Omnivore selections, all you can possibly eat, Pre-Registered only.
And our Saturday Ice Cream Social & Amazing Omni-Vegi-Vorian Block Party Feast is Free, you’re invited!

Dinner Weds - Sun Brunch, 7 meals & 1 feast; $105

Dinner Thurs - Sun Brunch, 5 meals & 1 feast; $75

Dinner Fri - Sun Brunch, 3 meals & 1 feast; $45
Brunch Sat - Sun Brunch, 2 meals & 1 feast; $30

Click the Link below for information about accommodations, camping grounds fees are included with registration.

Drum Safe!  See you in the Fire Circle!
Ashe! Ashe!

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