September 11, 2021

Stones Rising: A life changing event

Griffith SR21 9269 800 Through the Mother Stone. Welcome to the commiunity. Stones Rising 2021

Once again in the Stones I am reborn. Returning back for Stones Rising was one of the easiest decisions I'd made this last year. Since finding Four Quarters and attending my first event, my life has been permanently altered. 

Last year I was in a dark place. Between jobs, relationships and a home I didn't have much to look forward to. What originally started as a getaway week with my best friend quickly spiraled out of control as life didn't seem to want either of us to go. Tickets in hand but no car of my own, the trip didn't seem like I was going to happen.

Through the grace of community I made a random internet friend and together with our children, we embarked on a journey to Four Quarters. Due to complications we could not attend the whole event, and although I never did see the Stone "stand" that first year, I still had a profound experience. I felt so at home in the forest and community. I questioned ever leaving this place I had only just discovered two days prior.

As I awoke early on my final morning I was blessed with watching a beaver in the river build its dam. I sat there for an hour in awe of this tiny creature's might and all that he's accomplished. Again I thought "why should I leave?"

AsheleyK SR21 2212 800x600Frolicing in the Stone Circle. Stones Rising 2021

Sadly though, I left that afternoon with a heaviness on my soul. I felt as if I had just discovered what life is truly about and that I finally had the support of a community. After arriving back home, the experience with the beaver kept nagging at me. So I did what we all would do and researched what message he had for me.

"The beaver is a symbol to never give up. He is a visionary. He knows what he needs to sustain himself and picks the perfect location for home."

After reading that message I felt the universe tap me on the shoulder and show me my future. Living on the land and being at one with nature while living a simpler more humble life.

Fast forward a year and I manifested that reality. I am in balance with everything around me. I have a stable home, happy relationship, good job and a relationship with my land. Still my soul was eager to return to "Home', where it had all begun.

This year at the 27th Stones Rising I was honored into the community I had joined since my last visit. The camaraderie and friendship shared and built are sure to last a lifetime. I was humbled to take on many helping roles of service over the weekend. After the raising the Stone, I had my daughter blessed through the Mother Stone and welcomed into the community. What started as a vacation last year has now turned into a yearly pilgrimage for my family. Four Quarters has changed me forever and become a tradition in my household. We are grateful to be members, blessed be.

– Ashley Kremsner

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