February 1, 2022

The 2022 Wheel of the Year Calendar
By Orren Whiddon & Kurt Griffith

WOTYPromo2022 01 NoTextt2 Some of the processes that goes into the Wheel of the Year, available Winter 2022.

A reminder as we fast approach press and publication of the 2022 Wheel of the Year Calendar! In the 2020 onslaught of Covid we printed a simple Black and White calendar on our office printer, mailed out to just our Members. In 2021 we were able to again professionally print our color covered calendar, but we did not ship to our over 3,000 prisoner subscribers.
    We are so pleased that this year we are back to a full print run of 10-12,000 copies! Thank You, each and every person who made the trip out to visit Four Quarters in 2021, for whatever reason. Your support made this financial commitment possible!

    And a bit of a reminder. We keep people on the mailing list for 3 years after their last visit or mailing request. So if we have not heard from you since 2018, you will miss this years calendar.
    Just click this link to renew your subscription to the calendar mailing list and we will send you the 2022 Wheel of the Year, hot off the press.

     We also have our single-page, downloadable Calendar-at-A-Glance available for browsing or download. Over the coming weeks we are digging into the process of updating our events and registration pages. We look forward to seeing you on the Land in the coming season.

Click Here to Request a copy of the 2022 Wheel of the Year Calendar