May 17, 2022

Beltaine 2022
By Carrie Krystek

Beautiful Maypole Day Beth 1200x800Ready to dance The Maypole on a glorious Spring Day.

Beltaine at Four Quarters was a joyous celebration of Spring! The day was bright and pleasant, the flowers and ribbons were beautiful, as were the many brilliant smiles everywhere.

raising the pole Walter 1200x800  Maypole wreath and ribbons Walter 1200x800

The last of winter said good-bye just a week prior by dumping 4 inches of snow; Saturday’s gentle sunshine as the Maypole was danced was very welcome after the crisp nights. Watching the Maypole go up against the budding and blossoming trees was a sight to behold…it’s exciting to start a new year of camping season!

Lots of ribbons Walter 1200x800 The Maypole chase Walter 1200x800

Friday evening’s Fire Ceremony set a reflective tone for our spiritual celebration, which continued through the day Saturday. Many people (a record number in fact) attended the season’s First Sweat Lodge, and for many it was their first time in Lodge. We are honored to be able to provide this sort of ceremonial service to those seeking inspiration.

Tea party Walter 1200x800

Saturday’s Tea Party well attended and enjoyed by all. The Tea Party pavilion was beautifully decorated with spring flowers and decorations; informational signs shared knowledge about the different teas and their magical properties and uses. The homemade shortbread cookies and the macaroons were quite tasty and popular…there were no leftovers! We were also honored to host a Handfasting for a couple inspired by the beauty of the Land and the People; many blessings to the Happy Couple, Jenn and Nate!

Handfasting Jenn 600x800 Wrapped in ribbons Jenn 600x800

The Main Ceremony encouraged awareness of the many Gifts we receive from the Divine, including: Passion, Love, Peace, Creativity, Abundance and Inspiration. Attendees received blessings from the deities for enough gifts to help themselves, and to share with others.

Butterflies Ashley 600x800Butterfly Tessa 600x1000

RitualGarb CarriePam 700x800RitualGarb MaryChris 700x800

And as always, the Feast was not to be missed! Wonderful roast beef and veggies, beans, salad and other goodies were free for all attendees. Sharing food with others is a blessing of fellowship, and as sacred as any ceremony.

And of course no Beltaine would be complete without the Kids Tribe pulling their own Seed Stone, and Raising it in the Stone Circle! They were wee but mighty, and pulled the 500lb stone valiantly in the rainy weather. Here comes the future Stone Crew!

Seed stone pullers Holland 600x800The wee but mighty Ashley 600x800

Blessing the Seed Stone Ashley 800x1200
The young Stone Crew standing by their good work.

The most beautiful thing about Beltaine was that it was done For the People, By the People. We had many volunteers who helped in numerous ways: setting up the Maypole, Wreath and Ribbons; mowing the Labyrinth; tending the evening Fire Circles; helping set up the Tea Party, and many more ways known and unknown. We thank everyone for their presence and Service to the Community and the Land.

As one attendee said: “The event was life changing as always, not only was it beautiful beyond words but the spiritual impact it had on both myself & child was profound. We start the spring with a renewed outlook and a well grounded spirit.”

Another attendee added: “It takes a village. Thank you to everyone who supports the church and our children. We had such a wonderful time at Beltaine this weekend, for the second year. I am beyond grateful for the chance to come together and sing, celebrate, cry, grow, and explore with all of you beautiful souls.”

We look forward to seeing everyone back again soon!

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