September 15, 2022

Stones Rising 2022 - Raising A Stone
Mini-Documentary By Kurt Griffith

Stones Rising 2022 - Raising a Stone Mini-Documentary.

Part of the ceremonial activities at Stones Rising, is the annual adding of monumental stones to the Sacred Circle of Standing Stones we have been building since 1995 here at Four Quarters Interfaith. It is a determined work of years, executed by a dedicated community of Spirit. Stone by Stone.

This is only part of the process during the Rising Day. In the days preceding, the Stones are selected, prepared, the footers constructed, the Stones brought into the circles on massive wooden sleds and rollers. Carefully positioned, and in a delicate operation, angled up to approximately thirty degrees on cribbage blocks so they might be raised on Rising Day. Then once erected in their places, their bases are encased in concrete, to stand tall and inspire the community and future generations. This year we added two stones to the North Copse, a smaller ellipse on the north side of the 300-foot diameter greater Circle of Standing Stones.

SR22 Griffith 7053 54 composite 1200Two New Stones added to The North Copse. Photocmposite: Kurt Griffith

Click here if you would like to view a Panorama of the Stone Circle in 2020

We invite people to join us for next year's ceremonies Stones Rising XXIX, Labor Day Weekend - Wednesday August 30 - Monday September 4, 2023. Learn more at the Stones Rising Event Page