January 22, 2023

Food and Community at Four Quarters
By Orren P. Whiddon

Griffith SM16 2190 1200cropMeal queue for Saturday Night Feast. Samhain 2016.

Since we humans first huddled around the fire to share its warmth, we have shared food. As an act of love, or of bonding within our shared culture. As recognition of connection, or as a means to build connection between people.
   Food is central at Four Quarters. We garden and buy beef and pork from our neighbor up the road. Potatoes and turnips too. We have easily prepared 10,000 Moon Service meals right in the Farm House kitchen, and there is no way to count the ten's of thousands of meals that have been prepared and served in camp.
   We sacralize our food with prayer and intention, we make ceremony with it... The Loaves of fresh baked bread served in community as the first act of each year's Stones Rising. The silent "Dumb Supper" that has marked many a Samhain dinner. Or the simple act of saying of grace around the meal that marks the close of a working day.
   Here at Four Quarters we have occasionally organized special events where all food was included in the price of registration, as a reflection of our concept of spiritual community and how to nourish it. And our experience has been that this kind of sharing of meals in common transformed the communal energy of the event. So for this 2023 season we are making a major commitment...
At most Four Quarters events
our meal plans are now included in the price of registration.
We are doing this without significantly raising pricing, in the Native Tradition of The Give-Away. Our meals are Brunch and Dinner, all you can eat, omni, vegi and some gluten free. Let us know your needs when you register and call the office! We will try to accommodate.
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