January 23, 2023

2023 Schedule-at-a-Glance is now Available!
By Kurt Griffith

2023CalendarAtGlance 1200 Notice

In advance of the Wheel of the Year, The 2023 Schedule At A Glance is now available! Members, friends, guests and interested parties can download a printable PDF of the year's schedule here. We have just about all of our events listed, our regular Spiritual Events, Moon Services, Festivals, and Member Events through the end of the year. So start marking your calendars, putting in for those vacation days, and saving up that lunch money to get away!
We’re also working hard to get the 2023 Wheel of the Year out the door!
It's that time of year again, we're spinning the squirrel wheels to turn around the 2023 Wheel of the Year! We're updating the Web Site Event Pages, and scrabbling to prep the Wheel to go to press... Real Soon Now!
Do you want your own copy of the the 2023 Wheel of the Year sent to you, absolutely FREE? Visit our Publications Page