May 15, 2023

Beltaine 2023... A Photo Essay
By Orren P. Whiddon
Photos by Mike McConnell, Walter Bachteler and Kurt Griffith

Web1MaryPreparing for Fire Ceremony Friday Evening

  Spring Comes to The Land!  The warm blood rises,  the twig bears new leaf, The Lass and The Lad notice they are not alone, the babe in arms chortles in glee as the oldsters nod together in agreement. Spring Comes to The Land!

    A fresh crop of young people with 29 in attendance under 16 years, from young teens to the newly borne. Children running under foot everywhere, keeping a jump or two ahead of their 'rents.
    $750 worth of cut flowers, plus what attendees kindly brought. So many we had to buy from two local florists. Flowers on The Maypole, flowery wreaths on our heads, flowers on the dining tables and covering the Altars in The Stone Circle.
    Perfect, crystalline blue sky weather, warm at night, green bursting everywhere.
    And our new lighting breathing magic into the night-time of The Stone Circle. The grown-ups gasped, the children squealed as the forest lit up during our Saturday night ceremonies.

    Please follow us along as we present this photo essay of Beltaine 2023... at Four Quarters.

An early start to the Friday night Fire Circle

Web2KidSandKids + sand = FUN!

Web8TeaAnd the beginning of Saturday's Red Hat Society's Tea Party. Go for the cookies first.

Web7TeaWe couldn't squeeze it all under 40 feet of pavilion, glad there was no rain.

Web3.5TeaseWhile Les Femmes prepare for the traditional Maypole Tease!

Web3 CirceTeaseAnd so the Dance of The Ages continues. So it has ever been, so it will ever be!

Web5OPWThe Union of Opposites!

Web4FiddleLive music will make for a Hoppin' dance.



Web6PoleAnd dance we did!

Web15HandfastA Handfasting in the Stone Circle, and then dinner and a bit of rest for what is to come in the evening.

Web10AltarLet the Altars shine!

Web11StonesLet the Stones shine!

Web12StonesLet the Forest shine!.


Web14KidsPullAnd the next morning, the cycle begins again!