Sept 17, 2023

Ceremony at Stones Rising 2023
By Orren P. Whiddon
Photos by Mike McConnell, Etain Preston, Kurt Griffith

WedsDinWednesday evening was our first shared meal in the pavilion as the early birds assemble.
Sharing our meals, with everyone eating together, was a new and wonderful addition to this years Stones Rising.

     Time moves so quickly. Just two weeks ago we were in the grips of severe drought and what seemed to be a perpetual heat wave. We gathered together and a new stone was raised in circle. Then, finally, the rains came. The river rose and there was a new scent in the air. A first night of chill breeze and the leaves began to turn. And fall.
     We have so many pictures of this years Rising, which was itself very picture worthy. The addition of architectural grade lighting in the natural landscape has made possible new ceremonial approaches that are deeply beautiful and moving. Including all food as part of our registration, and sharing that food together, made for a deepening connection and community of purpose among all of us.

     And so I will let the pictures of this years ceremony speak for themselves, with just a little comment. In a week or two I will add a photo essay on our preparations, and then the actual Rising of the Stone. I hope you enjoy!


FriNitePlanFriday evening planning and walk-through










Saturday evening meal is standing room only as we look forward to The Rising tomorrow morning.