The 2024 Wheel of the Year is at the Printer!

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By Kurt Griffith, 13 January 2024

The 2024 Wheel of the Year is on Press!  Huzzah! We worked really hard going into the winter holidays with final layout, editing, and pre-press to turn around the 2024 Wheel of the Year, and gotten our annual calendar out to our press in a good way! We’ve our usual heady mix of Calendar content, all about Four Quarters, relevant and thoughtful articles, essays, and photography – almost all of it Member-provided. We like to think we can be rightfully proud of that!

This is the earliest we’ve able to turn around the calendar in over a decade, and all it took was iron discipline sticking to our deadlines, some hard work, an acceptance of losing a page or two, and not waiting around for people who said, “I’m thinking of writing something.” Pro tip: Write it anyway, then we’ll have it for next year. Well done, and thank you to everyone involved with the effort!

We’re in the process of preparing the Member's Muse, the annual Member’s Mailing should be going out soon, once we have our delivery of printed Wheels. We’re already under way with planning our 2024 season at Four Quarters, and we’ve started the process of updating the Web Site Event Pages.

A reminder, we keep people on the mailing list for 3 years after their last visit or mailing request. If we have not heard from you since 2022, you might miss this year's calendar, so if you’re not sure - check in with us!  – 814 784-3080 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you want your own copy of the 2024 Wheel of the Year sent to you, absolutely FREE? – Visit our Publications Page. We also have our single-page, downloadable Calendar-at-A-Glance PDF available for browsing or download.

We look forward to seeing you on the Land in the coming season!