June 3, 2024

Pouring Out Honey - Tambor Oshun
By Pamela Alexander
Photos from Four Quarters Photo Archive

Oshun 5717 1200Dancing for Oshun.

Tambor Oshun
A Giveaway Moon Service
June 21-22, 2024

Four Quarters InterFaith, Artemas, PA 17211

A gift, from the Heart of Four Quarters, Laid At the Feet of The Queen of Honey for the Benefit of the People and the Land

Exist, exist always mother
Exist, exist always in our tradition.
The spirit of the river, turtle drummer
Open the path of attraction, mother of salutations.
Cleansing spirit clean the inside and out.
The maker of brass does not pollute the water.
We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.
We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.
The spirit of the earth that wanders freely. Ashe-O 

What do you get when you combine the primal, evocative rhythms of Africa, with the intricate complexities of Latin drumming, mixed with a healthy dose of evolution of compelling  Sacred song and dance that has evolved since the early 19th century?

  You get a Tambor. A Sacred drum and Dance party for an Orisha. It's a rare opportunity for Anglos to step into a religion veiled in initiation and mystery. And it's a lot of fun!

This Tambor Salutes and Honors the Orisha Oshun.   And who is Oshun? She is often called “The African Venus,” for her attributes of beauty, sensuality, and her legendary powers over love. But Oshun presides over much, much more. She is Mother of all Sweet Waters, Mother of Witches, Mother of Luck, She opens the wombs of childless women, bringing the gift of fertility. She brings blessings of Hope and Joy to all Humanity. So, we praise and Honor Her.

  A Tambor is a Major Sacrifice. It costs thousands of dollars, countless hours of time, and it takes an entire community of elders and initiates to bring together all of the components to bring the elaborate party to fruition.

Here's what is going on, and where, and when, and what you might expect to see and experience!

OshunTrono 3804 1200A Trono - the ceremonial “Throne” to the Orisha Oshun.

Friday, June 21: Misa Espirituel, Loft 7:00 pm – Join us, with Madrina Fanny Trump, and other Senior Santeras from Washington DC for this special and moving ceremony of prayer. The Misa is, essentially, a very lively séance, where you can expect to receive messages from Ancestors, and Spirit Guides, and it is likely that you will witness actual Spirit Possession from these trained and experienced Trance Mediums.

Saturday, June 22nd: Adimu Oshun, Dining Pavilion, Noon – We will gather and construct a beautiful offering boat of all of Oshun's favorite flowers and fruits, and carry the “Adimu” or offering to the River, where we will offer it with both hands, to the Queen of Honey and Sweetness to bring Blessings upon the Land and the People. This is a beautiful and moving ceremony. 

Saturday, June 22nd : Tambor Oshun, Dining Pavilion, 2:00 pm – The Main Event. This is the big party. We will welcome the Bata Drums and Bataleros, (Drummers) the “Apkwon” or singer, and the Consecrated Dancer. They will perform a brief ceremony to “Open” the Tambor. So brief that, if you are not paying attention, you might miss it...then, the Bata drums will begin.    

  The main function of the Bata Drums is ceremonial in nature. The sacred rhythms they play are designed to entice the Orishas to “come down” to Earth and possess or “mount” Priests or Priestesses who are specially prepared to “receive” them. Then the Orisha will attend the Tambor, interact with the People, give blessings, perhaps even healing or advice, you never know. 

Saturday, June 22nd: Feast of the Queen of Honey, Dining Pavilion, immediately following/Concurrent  to Tambor. – Join us in a banquet of the foods favored by the Orisha Oshun! Expect to sample an array of Cuban dishes-Don't worry, they are not spicy, just flavorful! And the crowning glory will be a cake for the Queen of Honey and All Sweetness!  

  Tambors are always a good time. But, at their heart, they are still a form of participative celebratory ceremony, and, as such, you will get as much out of Tambor Oshun as you put into it!

TamborOshun 3up 1200Scenes from a Tambor: Paying Respects, Estatic Dance, the Trono.

  Here are a few tips you can choose to follow to be more involved!

– Dance. Nobody is judging how badly you dance, believe me. Dancing brings the blessings of the Orisha upon you. 

– Sing. Try. Even in a tiny little whisper. Even in an unintelligible mumble. It will bring you many Blessings.

– Modest clothing is appropriate.

– You may choose to bring an offering of yellow or white flowers to  the altar, or some of Oshun's favorite foods. Those are: coconuts, cinnamon sticks, honey, pumpkin, squash, yams, oranges, and lemons. 

– You may choose to bring gifts of cash for the drummers, dancer, or altar.

– White clothing is traditional,. But in no way required.

  So, it's a lot of stuff. All I can say is it sure is something to experience. You don't have to be called to the Orisha to enjoy the Tambor. It's virtuoso live music, fantastic food, beauty, friendly folks from a culture we rarely get a glimpse of. The Tambor is as seductive as Oshun, herself, so, come, let yourself be enticed a little.

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Uma dance bata 2 1200Dancing to the intricate pulse of the Bata drums.