Espiritu Santo at Four Quarters

Friday, May 26th to Monday, May 29th, 2017
Memorial Day Weekend


Four Quarters presents
The Return of Espiritu Santo!

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Espiritu Santo is a unique opportunity to explore the rich Afro-Caribbean religion of La Regla Lucumi or Santeria. Rapidly growing in the United States, Santeria celebrates the universal spirits of nature, The Orisha; the spirits of our ancestors, The Egun; and our ability to speak with them directly through ceremony and divination.

Especially welcoming of newcomers, we will provide a weekend full of informative workshops, ceremonies, divination, drum and dance. Traditional Cuban cooking will be featured as well as an opportunity to meet with Priestly initiates of the religion.


Celebrating the Spiritual Traditions of the West African Diaspora and their Rebirth in
the  New World. Welcoming of EarthSpirited people of any background, the organizers of Espiritu Santo extend their blessings and hope that this can be an opportunity to discover Ifa and Orisha worship in its traditional way. Espiritu Santo is designed to provide an accessible introduction for the curious beginner (Aleyo) as well as networking opportunities for the initiate (Aborishas and Olorishas). Perhaps the Orisha will speak to you.

We honor Spirit with Ancestor Ceremony Friday evening.
On Saturday, a full day of teaching, readings with Babalawos and an evening Guiro of song, percussion, and dance, with a Feast. Sunday begins with a blessing of Warriors, both Lukumi and non-Lukumi, followed by a traditional Lucumi Warrior Feeding. Plus more workshops and readings, culminating with an evening Celebration for Ochun with Feast.

Members $40 registration, Nonmembers $50 registration,
Promoting member privileges apply.

Single day registration Saturday only $20
Event includes Saturday and Sunday Feasts, and Monday morning continental breakfast.
Please RSVP by May 20th!

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This event runs concurrently with the Memorial Day Member's Weekend,
Moon Service, and Lecture Series lecture.