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Nov 2, 2017

Samhain Blessings and Thank You

Samhain Main ceremony 2017

Perhaps the finest Samhain weekend ever occurred the last weekend of
October. Despite some rain, much grand and powerful ceremony occurred across a
very thin veil between our world and the world of our Ancestors.

Together, we Danced in the Graveyards.

Missy "Hunybee" Ford, the Samhain lead organizer, has these words of Thanks:
"To all those who worked with me to pull this together, or had a hand in ceremony or
workshops, thank you. Without you it wouldn’t have been as magical as it was. You are
all amazingly talented, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you
over the last months.

To the attendees who braved the rain, and the cold, thank you for coming and
drumming, dancing and singing. It will be a long time before the post event glow fades.
As the days get shorter and the nights become long and cold remember J.O.Y!

    Just Open Your: Heart. Love your people, your pets, our earth.
    Just Open Your: Eyes. Look around. Pay attention. See life itself.

    Just Open Your: Mind. Learn, Grow, Inspire others. Leave your own legacy.
    Just Open Your: Self. Create, Explore, Experience all the joy that is out there.

Ancestor drum party Samhain 2017
Until next year!"

Nov 3, 2017

Putting the Campground to bed

Jon fixing bulldozer2

    As the days grow short and the wind blows cold to chill the bones, it's time to
shut down the campground for the year. Samhain is behind us, and individual camp
sites are packed away.

    The camp water system will be shut down and the lines drained to guard against damage
to pipes from freezing temperatures.  Tops of 10 x 10's and 10 x 20's are taken down and
packed away to protect them from snow and ice. Pavilions shall be struck and stowed.
    Maintenance, an important off-season activity, has already started on camp tractors and vehicles.

    The quiet, contemplative season of the year has arrived. Hiking in camp has
an entirely different feel now. Peaceful and slow.

    Fare thee well, 2017 Season.

    See you at Yule, Tribe of Four Quarters!

Nov 3, 2017

Yule and Winter Solstice:  From the Darkness Comes the Light

Cookies 2014 crop From the Darkness Comes the Light
    A Solstice Celebration, Gift Exchange and Scrumptious Yuletide Feast!
Friday, December 15th - Sunday, December 17th, 2017
Register for Yule from here:

    The Wheel has Turned: the Harvest has ended and Frost covers the Land.
The Days have grown Short and the Nights Long and cold. Remember that the Wheel
does Turn, and soon the Sun's Light will once again warm our faces. Join us to
Celebrate the Rebirth of the Sun. Exchange Gifts of Love and Laughter, Bless the Land
and each Other, and Share food with the Community.



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Nov 2, 2017

Full Moon Service Nov 4, 2017: Chase the Shadows

November Moon Service Crop

Having celebrated the Feast of the Dead, and nearing the end of the season of Harvest,
we gather to reflect on the darker season ahead,
and what lessons can be found in the cold days and long nights.

Ceremony will occur before dinner, in the loft at 5pm, Mark "Kit" Hargreaves, in Service.
Dinner at 6pm at the Farmhouse - Carrie Krystek, in Service.



Oct 24, 2017

Makin' Firewood!



Many of you know that our Pennsylvania forests have been attacked by the Emerald Ash Borer, with our Ash trees now going extinct. Our beautiful stands of Ash in New Camp began to succumb before we purchased the property and by 2016 all of our Ash were dead, standing and rotting. After we made a survey we realized that it was not just a lot of wood, but a huge amount of potential firewood for the Farmhouse compound. We pondered.

Three weeks ago we began an all-hands-on-deck effort to begin felling these trees, sectioning them and getting them out of the woods. We arragned to rent a professional firewood processor, located a source for firewood dunnage bags, and went to work. After 10 days in the woods we had a number of very large piles of logs waiting to be cut and split.

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Oct 24, 2017

Circe's Piddle of Puppies!


Did you know that a plurality of puppies is called a Piddle? Neither did I, but the name sure is appropriate.

Circe delivered her litter about 10 days ago, now a Piddle of Puppies, and the little group of rug rats has be very busy squealing, nursing, growing and... piddling.

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Oct 8, 2017
Sideling Creek Bridge is Open!

Sideling Bridge open small  The moment we've been waiting for has arrived!
  Today you can drive across Sideling Creek to get to Four Quarters.
  We drove across the new bridge today, even though our destination was in the other direction, just because we can!
  There are some finishing details yet to be completed, but the bridge is still a beautiful sight.