The News from Four Quarters

Building, planting and planning. Sharing ceremony and good, home raised food.
Oddities in the weather and how the orchard did.
Observations on the Global Crisis.
Earth Spirit and Earth Living.
These are all parts of the News from Four Quarters.    Enjoy.  

March 20, 2019

Equinox Full Moon, Puppies, & Spring

GriffithMar2017 2232 800x600

The Ancestor Altar and the Western arc of the Stone Circle.

  Vernal Equinox Full Moon Service

Join us on Saturday, March 23, as we celebrate Balance and the turning of the Wheel at the Vernal Equinox. Ceremony will take place at 4pm in the Stone Circle (with favorable weather), followed by Church Supper. Kailin Miller & Daniel MacNeal in service.

Thanks, and see you soon!


When we last looked, Ms Circe was very very pregnant, since that time, she has dropped a impressive litter of no less than ELEVEN little guys, reminiscent of 101 Dalmations. And of course like young people of any species, they are eating like little machines, and growing like weeds.

Griffith PuppyEyes Mar2019 4217 800x600

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March 11, 2019

The Members Muse in Waiting

Preparing the Members Muse mailing | Griffith March 2019

Preparing the Members Muse mailing


The 2019 Members Muse is, even as I type, being prepped for our annual Members Mailing. It will hit the mails as soon as we receive our shipment of 2019 Wheel of the Year calendars, also ink hitting paper even as I type. Generally we arrange to have our bulk mailing of calendars go out while we prepare the Muse for our Members Mailing, so if you’ve gotten a request in by … um… mid-February, your Wheel may already be on the way!

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Februrary 17, 2019

2019 Wheel of the Year on Press & Schedule-At-A-Glance Available!

WoTY2019 underConstruction 1200The 2019 Edition of the Wheel of the Year under construction in Adobe InDesign.

We have spent much of the past few months busily at work on the 2019 edition of our Wheel of the Year Desk Calendar, and are happy to announce it has gone to press and should be headed for your eager hands very soon, with general distribution shortly following!

Our coffee-addled den of crazed ferrets that is our 2019 Wheel of the Year Production Team has been sequestered away ignoring snow and ice storms to hammer together as many of the coming year's event dates as we could procure, cajole, threaten, or torture out of various interested parties and event leads to get the coming year’s schedule fleshed out. We’ve also been pulling together our other content from whatever slow-moving authors and volunteers who didn’t have their coffee and run fast enough. Even though he has a home-based studio, Kurt is looking forward to seeing his family again.

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January 14, 2019

More Beef!

Calve bottle

Warm milk is good for everybody!

Out in the pasture we have greeted the arrival of our first calf from our Scottish Highlanders, with two more calves on the way.
    This young one was born into a very cold night to a first-time mother, and they failed to hook-up! Chris Engdahl brought the calf into the office for the day and patiently got the pump primed by bottle feeding the little guy. A day later and all is well.
    Chris has also taken a real interest in managing the Highlander herd, and has begun training Mr. Copper in his future role as "Stock Dog."  Copper takes a keen interest as you can see. We will keep you updated.

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December 18, 2018

Update on the Road Case


Installing the emergency bypass culvert


    We have very good news with the roadway case after our third court hearing on Friday Dec 18th.

    As you know, in our first hearing the court basically threw the book at us, and issued a ruling worded in such a way as to allow the court to order the closure of Four Quarters.

     In our second hearing of Aug 3rd the court reversed its position and recognized the engineering plans we had created at great expense, and perhaps hastened by the fact that the roadway had washed out just two days before, granted us emergency powers to proceed with the reconstruction of the washed out crossing according to plan. The court reserved for a future hearing any decision on "reasonable use," the legal doctrine on which it had based its threat of closure.

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December 3, 2018

The Nightmare Festival at Four Quarters

NM18 ejdofmbipccodigm

Nifghtmare Stage under the Pavillion, October 2018

It was a dark and stormy night...

It was a dark and stormy night again...

and again, and again.

And mud too. Lots of mud.

Such was the NightMare Festival at Four Quarters, our emergency response to 4,000 young people losing their longtime venue at Camp Ramblewood in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Seems some poor fool parked their car in someone else's front yard (that someone else being the local Judge) but that's another story!

The compelling story is that over the course of five years, Chad Bozzarelli and his organization, ProperOps, had proved the critics wrong by developing a very late season outdoor music event. So late season it was held on Halloween Weekend, with all the cold and wet weather that implies. There had been plenty of cold, wet weather, and in the early years, financials that were just above break-even. But by 2017 NightMare had become a stunning success, and had grown a small army of smiling, loyal supporters, all apparently to end not with a bang, but a whimper.

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October 24, 2018

Our Wettest Year... EVER

Griffith Bottom2018 3820 800

The Big Bottom suffers a flooding downpour – Photo: K. Griffith

Just about anyone who has been on the Land this year, at any of our major events or festival weekends, got rained on. And by that, I mean got rained on a LOT. Deluge Rain. Biblical Rain. Epic Rain. Wickermuck. Mud ’N’ Splash. Flood’s Rising. Big Mud. … you get the idea.

Since Beltaine, we have seen something like five out of six weeks wet at Four Quarters. Not till Stones Rising and immediately following, other than a brief bit of relief in July, did we see any real period of dry spells. Extended meaning – more than 48 hours rain free. Go mow the lawn while you can.

Where I live in Berkeley Springs, downtown got flooded three times. In the worst event in June, we lost roads, bridges, and the Cacapon Dam was overtopped and nearly breached. Ellicott City, MD had its downtown devastated by a muddy flash flood. In July, Baltimore received rainfall in the realm of 18 inches, normal is about 3.5. While I write this, from my studio window the lawn is still almost May-green in mid-October, even as leaves begin to fall. They don't seem to change color much this year, they just kind of get tired and fall off. Those of us with older houses are combating fierce outbreaks of mold in basements, kitchens, and between the walls thanks to the relentless wet conditions.

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