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August 20, 2019

Designing for Stones

There are any number of Universals in the Art of Design. The Golden Ratio of 1.61 through which your belly button divides your body or the sides of a piece of paper. Logarithmic spirals generated by exponential growth, ie: Life. The 120 degree angle and it's complement of 60 degrees. All of these are ratios found throughout nature, and our neuro-systems are optimized to find within them a quality that we call beauty!
    There are other fun factors that a designer keeps in mind about how we perceive visually. Our eyes track and accentuate light/white, and less saturated colors. And important to the fine art of shaping and placing stones, we emphasize the visual weight of concave silhouettes, and de-emphasis the convex. Consider the Great North Stone.


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August 18, 2019

Dressing the Stones

    How do you dress a stone?  Well, first you have to get it to the dress shop!

Dress1    It helps if you happen to have two backhoes handy.

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August 18, 2019

Surveyor's Tape

Consider the lowly surveyor's tape. Spun off at high speed somewhere in South China. Packaged in the darkness of a card board box to be shipped who-knows-where. Unused, unloved, unappreciated in a ware house shelf.
     Then suddenly unboxed and into the light! A brief blaze of glory in the sun, wrapped around a tree, adorning a stake, fluttering in the wind. Free, Free. Free at Last !!!!
      But then....


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August 16, 2019

A Stones Rising Update

Planning proceeds, with lots of work too, for this years very ambitious Rising. What are some of the ingredients you ask?

BridgeRails    Well... with the Rainbow Bridge fundraiser currently at about $7,000, we purchased the +$2,500 in materials to install the handrails. That's 250 feet of steel pipe and the same number of fittings... most of which had to be custom machined in our shop. It took days to prep and position all of the materials, but just 4 hours to assemble the handrails on the bridge. We think it looks spiffy!
    There is lots more yet to do. Over 1,000 board feet of toe and hand boards to install. The long ramps to allow golf-cart access. And more lighting! Stay tuned.

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August 12, 2019


LilBigDub PromoGraphic

Lil Dub -  a Big Dub reunion onthe Mountain!

October 4-6, 2019 at Four Quarters

We are pleased to welcome Lil' Dub, the first ever Big Dub re-union event to Four Quarters, home of Big Dub Festival!

Lil' Dub is a weekend camp-out experience for Big Dub veterans, newcomers, and Four Quarters regulars. In  partnership with Proper Ops, we're putting together a weekend experience that will be jam-packed with activities, art, and music

Drum circles, nightly bonfire, flow arts workshops, spirituality discussions, group meditation, moonlight yoga, sunrise yoga, and of course the best regional musicians from past Big Dub Festivals, performing from The Pavilion. Four Quarters will be providing a Saturday Backyard BBQ Social, Ceremony and Sweat Lodge.

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August 8, 2019

Building the North Copse

    Our Pennsylvania quarry came through for us and after two more deliveries we now have enough of the very special stone required to begin construction of the North Copse.
    And what is the North Copse you ask? With The Great North Stone as it's northernmost minor axis, the Copse is a 45'x30' ellipse set with the stones almost touching. Intended to create a sanctuary within a sanctuary, very much in keeping with the "Fore Courts" associated with British neolithic long barrows.


     In order to follow the very tight curves of such a small ellipse, we need stones no wider than 4 feet, and hopefully in the 12 foot range in height, and all of the same beige colored sandstone of The Great North Stone. Such stones are not easy to find, even when our good quarry-men are setting their blasting charges just for us. So part of this years Stones Rising involves the trimming of our stony friends to fit into such a narrow envelope.

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August 8, 2019

Big Dubbers at StonesLilDub

    Stones Rising at Four Quarters, Labor Day Weekend
    An Invitation to our Big Dub Family

You've seen the Stone Circle and you've danced with the Standing Stones.
Four Quarters wants you to be a part of building the Circle too!

    We raise the Stones Sunday, Sept 1st;  Labor Day Weekend. We make ceremony, raise the Stones and share a great feast together, prepared by The Starvin' Artist Kitchen.
    Traditionally we don't charge for Sunday arrivals; but we do ask for a telephone RSVP and what ever donation you care to give, so that we can plan for the feast.
     This year will be an especially demanding Rising, as we are working on a set of Stones set very close to The Great North Stone. Bring your gloves and boots, and become a part of how we raise the Standing Stones! 

BookmatchedStonesThe pair of length-wise split, book matched stones. Showing their interior colors for the first time in millions of years.

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