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June 27, 2019

Wickerman Burn 2019

SFeatherman WM2019 Burn01

The Burn, Wickerman 2019 - Photo by Sam Featherman

We had a lovely and sweet, downsized, "roll-your-own" Wickerman for 2019. The weather conditions could not have been more optimal. The people were just wonderful and a pleasure to have. The Fireworks were fabulous. Wonderful sweet sweat ceremonies. Rockin DJ. The burn was literally blazin', absolutely magnificent. With perfect weather, good hands to help, and a little... pyromaniac encouragement. Very happy and flamey!

The addition of the recently completed Rainbow Bridge made it possible to have the event neatly connected across both sides of the creek, and the bridge was just spectacular in the glow of the mighty Nightbuster 4000!

But don't take our word for it, here's what some of our attendees had to say -

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June 14, 2019


Garth 600

Meet Mr Garth. He’s a bull.

Everyone has needs, and if we want our herd of Scottish Highland cattle to produce a crop of calves next spring, they have needs too. A bull to be precise. And soon.

    Enter Mr. Garth. An experienced four year old bull from Hills and Hollar Farms who will be arriving at Four Quarters in a week or so.

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June 12, 2019

Drum ’N’ Splash 2019 at Four Quarters

We mean it! Drum all Night! Swim all Day! Ducky Races! Fireworks!

at Four Quarters lnterfaith Sanctuary
Wednesday July 3rd through Sunday July 7th, 2019

The Alternative Fourth of July! A birthday party for all of us! Drum and Dance Workshops. All night Drum Circles. Cool Off in The River. Sweat Lodge. Rubber Ducky Races. T'ai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation. Parade of Fire! Fireworks and Fire Spinning!

“Return to our human roots and take simple pleasure in simple things. Song and Dance. A swim in the river. The laughter of children.”

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June 11, 2019

Road Case Victory?


Wait. We won?

At this point it seems that we are announcing "News of the Weird" in our Roadway Court Case. Why?

    In our last installment of this ongoing saga we had received a third and final court order which recognized our easement, but limited our right to use our easement without saying what that limit was. We determined to appeal as our basic evidence is... well, overwhelming.

    So the paper work was sent to Superior Appellate Court to begin that appeal process. They took a quick look and said, "Hey, there is no final judgement entered. The case is still open. Get the Judge to enter his final judgement and we can proceed with the appeal."

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June 9, 2019

Memorial Day Work Weekend 

Building the Bridge Deck, Click to play Video

We had a great turnout for the Memorial Day Work Weekend with two projects at hand. The creation of a second Sweat Lodge along the river in New Camp. And building the deck landing for Rainbow Bridge on the East side of the river.

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May 27, 2019

The Blessings of Oshun

Ceremony to Oshun, at the Rainbow Bridge Site, Click to play Video

    Saturday evening, May 18th, we gathered at the river's edge to beseech the Orisha Oshun to bring good health to her daughters, the Women of our Community. After the permission and blessing of both Eshu and Oshun were received, they began making gifts of melon, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet honey, spicy Cinnamon, flowers, cloth and candle light as our Adimu to the river.

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May 20, 2019

Rainbow Bridge Update

RinbowBrdgeDecking play 800

Click through for Video Montage.

    The weather Gods have smiled on Flower of Life and it is now possible to walk the length of Rainbow Bridge without a safety harness! Saturday nights Full Moon Service during FoL was a full gift giving and blessing to the Orisha Oshun, for the health of all women, and her blessings for this bridge which crosses her river. Ellegua has been fed and has given his blessing for this new crossroad on the Land, which he owns.

    Over in Big Dub land our friends are launching a special ticketing for Big Dubbers attending WickerMan, and a GoFundMe Campaign to help finish out the bridge.
    We have spent over $50,000, with at least another $25k to go. Target for fundraising and (mostly) finish is late July.  
Check it out here.

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