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November 7, 2022

Samhain 2022
By Orren Whiddon

MotherStone Light Ring2
Samhain 2022: A Photo Essay

          This year's Samhain was remarkable in many ways. Attendees experienced three major ceremonies on Friday evening, Saturday  afternoon, and Saturday evening, in addition to a focused Feast of The Dead. The season's last Sweat Lodge Ceremony was held, a workshop discussion focused on our Ancestors had lively conversation, and kids of all ages enjoyed the Pinata, Pumpkin Carving, and Crafted Flying Skeletons!
          For the first time ever we included all four meals as part of the registration, without a separate charge for a meal plan. As hoped this had a strong impact on our community and presages developments for Church events in the 2023 season.
             But what was truly memorable was the profound beauty of our new architectural landscape lighting and how it enhances the ceremonial experiences. This photo essay has over twenty-five gorgeous photos, please take your time and linger.
              With much thanks to Michel Lehmueller and Mike McConnell on the technical side and Pamela Alexander, Kailin Miller, Carrie Krystek, Mary Murphy, Beth Thomas, and Kurt Griffith
on the planning and ceremonial side.

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October 13, 2022

Grid Power Project
By Orren Whiddon

1MapThe Grid Power Project of 2022.
4,500 feet of buried 3" High Voltage conduit, six transformers running at 15,000 volts, 1,800  Amps of power.
Yellow line marks the route. This became a monsterr project, begun in late Winter/early Spring of 2022.

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September 16, 2022

A Stones Rising 2022 Photo Essay
by Pam Alexander
Photos by Pam, Kurt, Mike and Ashley

Stones Rising is at the core of everything we do here at Four Quarters. As we gather together to raise the Stones that make up the Stone Circle, we share in purpose, ceremony, and celebration.

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September 15, 2022

Stones Rising 2022 - Raising A Stone
Mini-Documentary By Kurt Griffith

Stones Rising 2022 - Raising a Stone Mini-Documentary.

Part of the ceremonial activities at Stones Rising, is the annual adding of monumental stones to the Sacred Circle of Standing Stones we have been building since 1995 here at Four Quarters Interfaith. It is a determined work of years, executed by a dedicated community of Spirit. Stone by Stone.

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July 6, 2022

Camping Happy on The Land
By Walter Bachteler

BD19 Camping 6858 1200 640Tents and canopies of every kind appear on the Land on festival weekends. Big Dub 2019.

“...stories of great adventures, not catastrophes.”

Camping is one of the things most people do while they’re at Four Quarters. Here are some helpful hints about camping on The Land.

Always prepare for rain & cold
Take it from a long-timer: this is hard learned wisdom! The environment of Four Quarters, a mountainous valley in the central Allegheny foothills of south-central Pennsylvania has notoriously wildly random weather conditions... sometimes within each day!

Tents & Tenting
You get what you pay for. Try to stay with the national brands. A four-person tent holds two people and a minimal amount of gear. If you look at the diagram you will see four small people laying head to foot next to each other. You may want to set up your new tent in the backyard before trying to set it up after you’ve driven several hours and it’s close to sunset. Remember when you put your tent away it needs to be folded slightly smaller than the length of the bag it came in before rolling it up.

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June 19, 2022

Sweat Lodge Teaching Weekend
By Tom Blackhawk & Kurt Griffith

IMG 9892 1200cropSome of the good, good people who came out for the Gathering, thank you for all the beauty you bring.

Ceremony begins way before you lay the stones, light the fire or prepare and cover the sweat lodge. Ceremony is about intention, Ceremony is about the heart, Ceremony is about others and not self. If you are open and willing to come with the intention to let go of self the Spirits can heal any ailment of Mind, Body, and Spirit.”

I’m not sure who said this, but there is profound truth in the statement.

I have participated in many Sweats from many traditions and longed to fully experience a Lodge from beginning to end. So, I spent the Memorial Day week and Weekend up in Artemis, Pennsylvania at 4 Quarters Farm at the Sweat Lodge Teaching Weekend, setting up and participating in the deep sacred Native tradition of sweat lodge ceremonies.

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May 17, 2022

Beltaine 2022
By Carrie Krystek

Beautiful Maypole Day Beth 1200x800Ready to dance The Maypole on a glorious Spring Day.

Beltaine at Four Quarters was a joyous celebration of Spring! The day was bright and pleasant, the flowers and ribbons were beautiful, as were the many brilliant smiles everywhere.

raising the pole Walter 1200x800  Maypole wreath and ribbons Walter 1200x800

The last of winter said good-bye just a week prior by dumping 4 inches of snow; Saturday’s gentle sunshine as the Maypole was danced was very welcome after the crisp nights. Watching the Maypole go up against the budding and blossoming trees was a sight to behold…it’s exciting to start a new year of camping season!

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