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 NewsLogoBuilding, planting and planning. Sharing ceremony and good, home raised food.
Oddities in the weather and how the orchard did.
Observations on the Global Crisis.
Earth Spirit and Earth Living.
These are all parts of the News from Four Quarters.    Enjoy.  

June 12, 2018

New Plantings!

Office planting 1 crop Have you seen the new plantings in Camp and around the Office? They add beauty and smiles whenever you visit.

We want to give a big thanks to Jason Steiber for organizing the work done during Member's Weekend and for agreeing to spend time throughout the season adding plants cleaning up decorative planters.

They look wonderful!Coffee Dragon main planter 2 crop

Check back over the summer and you'll see the projects progress as the season does.
     I especially look forward to how the Hilltop Well House will slowly turn into a "Hobbit House" as the grass grows over the top.




June 11, 2018

Drum & Splash: Celebrate the 4th of July with us!
Wednesday, July 4th -  Sunday, June 8th

DS composite 1





         One of Four Quarters' best kept secrets, Drum and Splash is simply a Very Good Time, and a great way to Celebrate an Alternative Nation's Birthday with Family, Friends and Tribe, with no agenda other than to Drum all Night and Swim all Day, sharing a working vision of the possible through Community,  Sustainability, and Personal Responsibility.

To check out all the cool stuff happening this event and to Register, go Here!

Weekend Highlights:

Welcome Fire and Drum Circle!
Dance and Drum Performances

Workshops with the Masters of Drum and Dance
Planned activities for the Kids’ Tribe
Fireworks, Fire Spinning, and Fire Arts
The Dragon Dance and Procession of Talent
Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, Meditation, and Yoga
New! The Middle Eastern Vibe of The Kasbah
The Terrifically Talented Teen Tribe
Sweat Lodge
Mad Hatters’ Tea Party
Pig-pickin’ Feast and lce Cream Social
Universal Temple of Spirits Ceremony
Stone Stacking Sculptures in the Creek
Nature Walks and Nature Journaling
Bathing Aphrodite Procession
Rubber Ducky Race
All Night Fire, Dance, and Drum!!!

June 9, 2018

Liber Resh vel Helios as Ritual: A very Special Lunar (and Solar) Service!
Saturday, June 16th

Lieber Resh Helios crop

     This ritual is an extension and interpretation of Aleister Crowley's Liber Resh vel Helios ritual, which is an adoration of sun done at sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight. We will also be doing short workings at each of the stations of the day. These rituals will have a similar format with variations to go with the gods and time of day being celebrated. The intent of this ritual is to align ourselves with solar energy and become receptive to manifestations of that energy in its natural cycle. The gods invoked will all be of the Egyptian pantheon and this ritual will have elements of Egyptian magic in its workings. 
     Happy Valley Golden Wheel will also be performing an Egyptian themed new moon ritual after dinner service and immediately before the dusk adoration in service to Four Quarters. Volunteering opportunities will be available.
Please RSVP with HVGW no later than June 14th if you wish to go.

June 9, 2018

WickerMan: Art Burn and Gifting Extravaganza!!
Thursday, June 21st - Sunday, June 24th
Setup days: Tuesday, June 19th - Wednesday, June 20th

Effigy burning crop      *Leaving No Trace
      *Radical Inclusion
      *Radical Self-Reliance
      *Radical Self-Expression
      *Communal Effort
      *Civic Responsibility
 Do these ideas sound worthy to you?

      WickerMan was founded on the of Burning Man, and is continually growing a Burn Culture that is ecologically sustainable and Earth Aware in this emerging age of limits.  
      What is WickerMan? WickerMan is a burn, it's an art-festival and an experiment in intentional, temporary community.  We take pride in spending a huge amount of money on helping artists make art via art-grants!  Then we take all the art (well most of it) and put it all in a pile and burn it on Sunday morning.
      WickerMan is made by, with and for You and Planning happens 365 days a year. Get in touch with the planning group via e-mail with questions, comments, and concerns.  Stay tuned on our facebook group and here for updated information as we plan this year's burn!
Ready to buy your ticket??  Go here! 

April 25, 2018

The 2018 Pledge Drive: Operation Big Bottoms Bath House

Lower Shower 1 crop

     Magic happens when a community comes together, and we have seen it manifest in many forms over the years, most notably through pledged donations that have helped secure the land on which Four Quarters rests.

     As we move into the 2018 season and the 24th year, we look back with gratitude on how far we've come and we know that we are here because of the direct support of the Membership and Community. It is from pledged funds that we have been able to push farther and increase our impact by providing safe space to walk and celebrate our spirituality, as well as our individuality within a larger collective.

Our goal for this Pledge Drive is $40,000, which would cover the material costs of constructing a Bath House in the Members camping area in the Big Bottoms.

      The dollar amount of individual Pledges to Give runs from $5 to $100 a month, reflecting the broad diversity of the Membership, and all are gratefully appreciated. You may choose to make your Pledge Annually, Quarterly or Monthly, as suits your preferences. We prefer monthly, as that best suits our accounting system, but any choice can be accommodated.

     Have you renewed your membership yet? Using our Vanco system you can combine your pledge and membership into one monthly withdrawal from your banking or credit card account. If you have any questions on how to set this up, give a call to the office and they'd be happy to talk you through the process.

     To set up a monthly or quarterly donation, please contact the Office: 814-784-3080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

April 17, 2018

Easement Trial Postponement

Four Quarters Star LogoFour Quarters InterFaith
For General Release 

Four Quarters InterFaith is pleased to announced today that it has received a continuance (postponement) from the Bedford Court for its trial this Wednesday April 18th. We consider this to be very good news.

This continuance is at our request, to allow for preparation of developed evidence. We will announce the new trial date when it is scheduled. 

Much thanks to the many persons and witnesses who were to be in attendance this Wednesday. Thank you so much for your support... and we rely upon it into the future.

Board of Directors
Four Quarters InterFaith


April 2, 2018

Special Announcement:
Upcoming Trial Date April 18th, 2018 at 9am

Star Tendril ColorModStar

To Our Members and Friends

  Many of you know that we are in the midst of what has become a long court battle with two of our neighbors over our right to repair and use the access road to Four Quarters for which we have an easement, and that we had a trial in August of 2017 over these issues.

 At trial, our Attorney for the last 20 years experienced serious health issues and immediately withdrew from all legal practice. We are now represented by two new Attorneys (Passarello/Bucknum) in whom we have great confidence, and we have been granted another day at trial to present evidence.

 In his interim ruling the Judge did recognize our 1868 easement; however he preliminarily accepted our neighbors' arguments that:
 1: Our use of the easement is sudden and excessive;
 2: That we are not a "real" Church.
 Sadly, we believe that we may be once again encountering the kind of prejudice that we have previously experienced from Bedford County Government.

We hope to eliminate that possibility by extensively documenting the history of our church for the court.

Our trial date is April 18 at 9AM, all day in the Old Courtroom in Bedford.

We hope that you will consider joining us. It will be a long day at trial with many of your friends testifying, and we could really use your emotional support. We also believe your silent witness will be extremely important in helping to change the Judge's opinion of our church.

If you are planning to come, RSVP to the Church Office...and at the trial wear a yellow ribbon pinned to your lapel.

Please wish us luck and Gods speed!
We Shall Overcome!

The Board of Directors
Four Quarters InterFaith