We really appreciate all the support we recieve throughout the year.  Many times folks ask us what do we need or what would we like.  Below is a list of some things we have come up with that we normally do not buy - some are real treats!  Thank you!

Info for shipping:

Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary

190 Walker Lane

Artemas PA  17211


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Eight O'Clock Coffee Original Whole Bean

Warm Socks (Wool socks are a special treat!)

Leather Work Gloves

Cotton Kitchen Towels - Gently used okay

House Plants for the Office & Loft

Groovy, Progressive, Magazine Subscriptions

High % Cocoa Dark Chocolate (Green & Black's a fave!)

(Catharine and Orren perfer Milk Chocolate)

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate


Any goodie from Trader Joes

Lindt Chocolate

Pelegrino Water

Mail order meats, cheeses, fruits

Fish from US waters

Bacardi White

Barbancourt Rum

Coors Light (because ~em's a lightweight when it comes to beer)

12+ Year Old Single Malt Scotch

10+ Year Old Single Barrel Burbon (Eagle Rare)

Amazon Gift Cards

Google Play Gift Cards

Lush USA Bath Products or Gift Cards 

Unwanted 20lb Propane Tanks