Four Quarters Camp Memberships

Four Quarters is a Membership based organization. Really! Our Board of Directors and Members Advocates are drawn from the Membership, we are staffed by Member Volunteers and most of our event content is created by our Membership.

And Four Quarters is a Landed organization. What does that mean? Simply put, the camp and its buildings; our sewage, water and power systems; the equipment used for building and maintenance; are all owned by the non-profit corporation. Forever removed from the cycle of private ownership, Four Quarters can never become a housing development, involved in an inheritance dispute, or sold for profit. Now in our sixteenth year on the Land, Four Quarters has become an institution of permanence in an uncertain world. Together as Members, we are creating a lasting foundation for Ecologically Sustainable and Earth Spiritual living, values that will be much needed in our emerging new world of limits.

Your Membership in Four Quarters (the Camp) is that foundation. It is the single most important expression of support that you can make, because our power as a diverse Tribe of Earth Based Traditions lies in our ability to hold this common ground.

Membership in Four Quarters does not require any kind of religious affiliation, but for those who wish to make that commitment, there is Membership in The Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary (our Church). For more information on Church Membership call our office and request a copy of our Members Handbook.

Membership Benefits

Membership in Four Quarters does have its benefits! We subsidize Members registrations to Four Quarters Fund-raisers, usually 20% less than guests and often more.

Only Members may create seasonal campsites in the Big Bottom Members Campground, and their campsites remain open for camping during events organized by outside groups.

Members are eligible for subsidized fire ring, parking and other fees.
Overnight grounds fees are $10 a night for Members, $15for guests; day trips are by donation.
The Camp and its facilities are available to Members and their guests for handfastings, family get-togethers or personal ceremony.

Most importantly, Members share in the creation of Four Quarters’ culture, through our web discussion forums, interest groups, event planning and simple neighborliness.

As Members, our reasons for supporting Four Quarters with our Memberships are simple. To see that the Land is preserved. To participate in our Modern Tribalism. And to raise the Stone Circle, as a living InterFaith Sanctuary.

See Camping Fees and Services for a full listing of Special Membership Benifits and Fees

To purchase a membership, visit our Online Ordering site.

Responsibilities of Membership

Because we are an InterFaith Sanctuary, there are some aspects of how the camp operates that make us a little bit different from the ordinary. We really try not to rely upon rules so much as the evolving culture that most folks feel as soon as they walk on the Land. Part of our purpose is to create an environment that will foster experimentation and openness to the spiritual traditions of others, traditions that may at first seem foreign or strange. We are best able to do that by creating an atmosphere of safety and respect for each other and for the Land. The Land is our Cathedral and for us the Stewardship of the Land is a fundamental responsibility.

Membership requires that you honor the Land and your fellow Members when here on The Land. This honor is shown by the way you treat the Land and each other. By showing your understanding that freedom is not license, and by following the few policies that we have evolved over the years to ensure that we are all well cared for.

How We Do It

If you look, you will find other events costing hundreds of dollars more, retreat centers offering weekends in the thousands and everyone charging for children. Our Membership based non-profit model is a functional alternative, one that relies on human capitol to return dividends through the years.

Our Member volunteers are the engine that makes it all happen. As a Landed organization, every dollar does extra duty when it is spent on land, equipment and facilities that can then used again and again by the Membership.

Types of Memberships 

Children under 16 are loved, cherished and free, at all Four Quarters Sponsored Events.

• Sustaining Membership
$60 for first-time Members of Four Quarters, 21 years or older.
$50 for renewing Sustaining Members.

• Parents’ Subsidized Membership
$45 for each parent with a child under 16 years of age or a Youth Member under 21. $35 for renewing Parental Members.

• Youths’ Subsidized Membership
$30 a year for young people from 16 to 20 years of age, whose parent(s) are Members of Four Quarters.

• Elders’ / Veterans’ Subsidized Membership
$45 for seniors 65 and older or Veterans of Military or Public Safety Service.
$35 for renewing Elder or Veteran Members.

• Promoting Membership
$350 a year for those able to make this kind of financial commitment in support of Four Quarters. All grounds fees and Four Quarters sponsored event registration fees are waived for Promoting Members. Promoting Members MUST preregister. Meal Plans, Firewood, Parking and other consumables are not part of Promoting Memberships.

• Lifetime Sustaining Membership
$400. Your sustaining Membership for Life!

If you have any questions about Memberships, please do call our office.


Staffing and Staff lnterns

Four Quarters is non-profit, Membership-based and Volunteer-run. Each person’s path of support for Four Quarters is different, and that is as it should be. But at some point the meals must be prepared, firewood cut, newsletters labeled and mailed, events organized and all the other tasks that go into the day-to-day operations of this kind of undertaking.

The folks who make this Commitment of Service are the Members of the Board, Live-in and Volunteer Staff of Four Quarters. Staff work is a special commitment, because it can be physically hard work, emotionally demanding and much of it is unsung and out of the public eye. But the rewards are very real.

Most of our staff will tell you that, after a season of working behind the scenes at Four Quarters, they could never go back to just attending the events, because making them happen is a real joy. An act of service.

Staff Membership

We prefer Staff volunteers to have been Members for a year or two, and the seasoned staffers watch and compare notes on Members who are consistently involved in the life of the Camp. We ask that new Staff make a season’s commitment to working at least two events as Staff, or commit to some other work that they see needs to be done.

Staff do enjoy certain privileges. Their Membership in Four Quarters is subsidized at $35 per year and weekend grounds fees are waived. They do not pay registration fees for events in which they are serving as Staff. Not to mention endless coffee refills!

Summer Interns

We have many requests for Summer Internships at Four Quarters, people who want to experience an extended working visit during the season. We work out details on a case-by-case basis, but we can provide room and board and a bit of pocket money for stays of a month or longer.

Summer Interns are full Staff positions and carry all of the expectations and privileges of our Staff members. You can expect to share meals in the Farm House, bunk down in the dorms or in camp as you prefer, and work like you have never worked before. We expect it could change your life.

Do give a call if you would like to discuss a Summer Intern position at Four Quarters.

If you have any questions about Memberships, please do call our office.