Staffing and Staff lnterns

Four Quarters is non-profit, Membership-based and Volunteer-run. Each person’s path of support for Four Quarters is different, and that is as it should be. But at some point the meals must be prepared, firewood cut, newsletters labeled and mailed, events organized and all the other tasks that go into the day-to-day operations of this kind of undertaking.

The folks who make this Commitment of Service are the Members of the Board, Live-in and Volunteer Staff of Four Quarters. Staff work is a special commitment, because it can be physically hard work, emotionally demanding and much of it is unsung and out of the public eye. But the rewards are very real.

Most of our staff will tell you that, after a season of working behind the scenes at Four Quarters, they could never go back to just attending the events, because making them happen is a real joy. An act of service.

Staff Membership

We prefer Staff volunteers to have been Members for a year or two, and the seasoned staffers watch and compare notes on Members who are consistently involved in the life of the Camp. We ask that new Staff make a season’s commitment to working at least two events as Staff, or commit to some other work that they see needs to be done.

Staff do enjoy certain privileges. Their Membership in Four Quarters is subsidized at $35 per year and weekend grounds fees are waived. They do not pay registration fees for events in which they are serving as Staff. Not to mention endless coffee refills!

Summer Interns

We have many requests for Summer Internships at Four Quarters, people who want to experience an extended working visit during the season. We work out details on a case-by-case basis, but we can provide room and board and a bit of pocket money for stays of a month or longer.

Summer Interns are full Staff positions and carry all of the expectations and privileges of our Staff members. You can expect to share meals in the Farm House, bunk down in the dorms or in camp as you prefer, and work like you have never worked before. We expect it could change your life.

Do give a call if you would like to discuss a Summer Intern position at Four Quarters.

If you have any questions about Memberships, please do call our office.