About Four Quarters

Fire copyAir copy    Four Quarters was founded in 1995 to provide safe harbor for the practice of both indigenous and modern Earth Religions, and to help preserve their spiritual roots into the future. The following years have witnessed the organic growth of a truly Progressive Community, one that is firmly rooted in the natural Land of Four Quarters. As we move through our second decade, we have made tremendous progress from our very humble beginnings, with almost 350 Members in support of this Community of Choice. A Community that incorporates progressive ideas of Family, Ecology, Culture and Tribe; bound together by our diverse Earth Based Spirituality.

    Four Quarters is incorporated as a non-profit Church in order to ensure a nature-based sanctuary where one’s spiritual experience can be freely explored and self defined, as well as to ensure that the spiritual and cultural beliefs of our Membership enjoy the full protection of the law. Most importantly, to ensure that an organization of service exists to care for the Land that has been legally transferred to permanent non-profit ownership, and to care for The Circle of Standing Stones. A living promise, held in trust for the future.

    As the Four Quarters Center for Earth Living, we work to develop and share examples of sustainable living practices for the emerging Age of Limits. We actively work to increase the viability of our soils, raise most of the food for our live-in staff and much of the food served in the camp kitchen. We have established a licensed cottage winery, focused on local suppliers and local customers. We incorporate advanced designs in our buildings and energy systems. We practice personal simplicity in our daily lives.

    We are incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania as 501(c)3 Church and 501(d) Community of Service that shares a common treasury, PA EXMP 75-538-546, FED EIN 25-1853964. All donations to Four Quarters are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.
Water copyEarth copy     Four Quarters is a Membership based organization that is operated by our Membership, Volunteer Staff and The Members of the Community of Service. Policy is set by our Board of Directors, advised by our Members Advocates and is recorded in the BoD logbook, freely available for review to all Members.
     Our detailed annual financial statement is mailed to our Members every January and is freely available to the public on our web site. We think financial transparency is important and is how every nonprofit should operate.
    We believe that in order to create a Sanctuary of Earth Religion which supports an alternative vision of Family and Tribe, we must be very, very responsible in interacting with the world at large. And with our Members. We hope you think so too!