Long time Members of Four Quarters will remember the fund-raising drive launched in early 2004, driven by our awareness of Peak Oil, and with the goal of purchasing the Land of Four Quarters by 2008. How together we raised $25,000 in direct gifts from the Membership, and used those gifts in 2005 to secure a commercial bank loan allowing the Church to finally purchase the Land and The Stone Circle.

At that time two promises were made; that the Live-In Staff would cut their costs to the bone, and that those savings plus funds from the then new e-Pledge Program would be used for early prepayment of the mortgage principle.

Now it is five years later. Global financial recession affects many of us and Four Quarters will see a steep drop in income this year. We are all tightening up our belts. But this is the short-term horizon, and there is a very bright light shining behind these present day clouds.

We can now see that those promises made by Live-In Staff and by our Pledged Members were honored, fulfilled and even expanded. In just 4 years over $35,000 in gifts have been applied towards prepayment of the Land Mortgage, reducing the principle of the original loan from $145,000 to its present $76,000. Allowing the mortgage to be retired in just 3 more years, without any additional prepayments.

We know of no comparable organization with anything approaching this kind of track record, an organization of Members who seize the moment, honor their commitments and bring their common vision into the bright shining light.

This is an accomplishment of which we should all be very proud. For it is now a certainty that Four Quarters and the Land will persevere into the future, and that was certainly not the case in our early years. Further, Four Quarters as an organization can now be said to be passing from its adolescence into a promising young adulthood. From an uncertain future, to the status of an institution of permanence.

Every Member has played their part, and every Member has a part yet to play. Look around you during the next Moon Service, look into the eyes a-glimmer and ask what part they have played in this journey. What part they have yet to play.

Then choose your own part, and make it real!