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August 9, 2017
PSA #4: Four Quarters Launches the “Health and Happiness Program”

Four Quarters wants to thank those who have been diligently working over the last 2 months to expand our Norovirus prevention protocols, and to prevent future outbreaks. Due to the hard work of Staff, Volunteers and Attendees, we are pleased to report the following:

  • No cases of Norovirus have been reported since June 24. This includes 3 Church Service weekends and 3 events, including our largest one in late July when almost 3,000 people were on the Land.
  • Four Quarters has instituted a “Health and Happiness” protocol: all persons entering the Land are given a printed booklet followed by a brief seminar focused on public health practices, and are quizzed on the information conveyed before being allowed to register.
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July 22 2017
Four Quarters seeks Member Feedback regarding our Driveway Repair

Sign As You Exit 4QF with the words "May your road rise up to meet you"“May your road rise up to meet you.” This sign has stood next to the farmhouse for years, wishing outgoing guests a fond farewell. If you’ve driven the road to the Farm, you may also grasp the irony of these words. The driveway from Silver Mills to the Four Quarters entrance has long been in desperate need of repair.

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July 19 2017
A Plumbing Project

170719 pump tanks
Work is accelerating as we begin installing the plumbing for the new HillTop Well House, with our new 920 gallon capacity retention tanks in the background.

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July 17, 2017
Epidemiological Survey
Epidemiology   Working with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, we encourage you to participate in the following questionnaire, developed by the Bureau of Epidemiology. Because of our communications resources, Four Quarters is in a rare opportunity to assist in the collection of significant first hand data, which is the life blood of epidemiological detective work.

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July 15, 2017

PSA #3 regarding our Norovirus Outbreak

Four Quarters wants to thank those who have constructively stated their concerns, and we are now able to provide the following updated information:

* The infectious agent that caused the outbreak of GI illnesses in June has been positively identified as Norovirus, a highly contagious social disease of the GI tract.

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July 14,2017
A New Well House

170714 1

 Progress continues on the well we had drilled on the Hilltop back in February. Tanks are on site, and the foundation is being built. Eventually the plan will be to install a windmill-driven water pump. In the meantime, electricity will do the job.

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July 13, 2017
Bedford Gazette / Four Quarters

Bedford  Gazette
7/13/2017Artemas campground working to solve norovirus outbreak
By Aaron Detwiler, Gazette Staff Writer

     ARTEMAS — A southern Bedford County campground, concert venue and church property is working to correct problems that created a recent norovirus outbreak that occurred sometime between June 15 and 18.
      During an event called the Mad Tea Party Jam 6 2017 concert, numerous campers and a few band members at Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary near Artemas and the Maryland border fell ill following the event.
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