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October 4, 2021

Stones Rising 2021

Griffith SR21 9160 1200 The New Stone gets under way; ropes, rollers, muscle and sweat. Stones Rising 2021.

By Orren Whiddon

On the Wednesday before Stones Rising, the leavings of Hurricane Ida swirled overhead, giving us 4-5 inches of rainfall through the day. We were in the Southern arc of this watery transect; lands North of us received much more rainfall and we felt lucky. I was surprised that the river rose, and rose... and rose again, for what seemed like a not extraordinary amount of rain. By mid-day Wednesday it was clear the river would breach its banks, and soon we had water in the North Crook, at the base of the Lower Shower House, and through the southern half of the Big Bottom. Sweat Lodge Inipi saw almost a foot. Over in New Camp the Wet Meadow was flooded, earning its name. And just as fast as the river rose up, it receded. By Thursday morning we had clear blue skies and everywhere the river was back in its banks. It was enough water to clear the ground of forest debris and deposit a fine layer of silt everywhere. And so riverbanks are made and the bottom lands renewed. As the old farmers say: If you have rich bottom land, don't complain when it floods!

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November 4, 2021

By Etain Preston

          Halloween. A delicious word filled with connotations of pumpkins and costumes, spooky movies, parties, and riotous fun. Over the years in pre-covid years I have spent time and expense jet-setting around between Witches Balls; the Elms Mansion in New Orleans, the Hawthorne in Salem.
           And while the glitz and glam has its allure, it is the older, more poignant and meaningful Samhain which draws me to Four Quarters.

BlessMeal We begin Friday evening with a shared meal.

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October 24, 2021

A Lil Dub Moon Service
By Orren Whiddon

      A Wiccan Circle Ceremony 
       for the attendees of The Little Dub Family Reunion, October 1-3, 2021.

             An Invocation of Demeter - The Divine Mother
                Hosted by Pamela Alexander and Orren Whiddon   

Gather1 We begin as the people gather outside the Stone Circle. To share our intent and provide a hint of what is to come.

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September 11, 2021

Stones Rising: A life changing event

Griffith SR21 9269 800 Through the Mother Stone. Welcome to the commiunity. Stones Rising 2021

Once again in the Stones I am reborn. Returning back for Stones Rising was one of the easiest decisions I'd made this last year. Since finding Four Quarters and attending my first event, my life has been permanently altered. 

Last year I was in a dark place. Between jobs, relationships and a home I didn't have much to look forward to. What originally started as a getaway week with my best friend quickly spiraled out of control as life didn't seem to want either of us to go. Tickets in hand but no car of my own, the trip didn't seem like I was going to happen.

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August 30, 2021

Stones Rising Tropical Storm Ida Update

Hurricane Ida Eye Path Projection - Accuweather 30 Aug 2021 Forecast Eye Path of Hurricae Ida, Projected Tropical Depression by the time it reached our region. Map - 30 Aug 2021.

While we are preparing for this years Stones Rising the remnants of Hurricane Ida will be swirling overhead. No worries, we have worked with hurricanes before!

Best predictions are for TORRENTIAL RAINS of at least four inches here at Four Quarters on Wednesday, then breaking rapidly for clear sky's and dry, sunny weather thereafter, simply perfect weather for a Rising.

hd46 1 1 0830
Projected impacts of Ida remmants into the Northeast. We expect drenching rainfaill for Wednesday. Map - 30 Aug 2021.

But the changing weather brings with it changing plans for our schedule. Our experience is that with four inches of rain in one day there is no way to keep our foundations and equipment from becoming water logged, so we are moving all of our preparation work until after the Wednesday deluge. We have rescheduled our concrete delivery for Friday afternoon, leaving precious little time to dig the foundations, form up the pour and attend to all of the other many details that usually take place during the week.

We have worked with tight schedules before, and it does add spice and meaning to what this great work is about. Bring your boot and gloves, and get dirty with us!

Find our more about Stones Rising  | National Weather Service

August 17, 2021

A Stones Rising Video Invitation

Stones Rising XXVII - Sept 1-6, 2021. Walking in Balance: Elemental Equilibrium.
An invitation to a Celebration of Hope and Renewal.

A Video invitation to Stones Rising 2021, conceived as a Celebration of Hope and Renewal. A six-day ceremonial working to restore Balance and Harmony in the world, to facilitate Healing among all of us, and of course, raise new Stones in the Stone Circle! Join us! We publised this video invitation on Facebook, and decided we really ought to share it with our web site visitors. Enjoy!

View on YouTube at:

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July 15, 2021

July 24th Full Moon Service “Honey Upon the Water”

Oshun July2021 700 Oshun, Orisha of the river, bringer of wealth and sweetness to humanity

The July 24th Moon service will be an honoring of Oshun, the Santeria Orisha (Goddess) of the river, bringer of wealth and sweetness to humanity. We will be making offerings of fruits, flowers, rum, and honey in honor of all the good things that Oshun brings us. We also make offerings to win future blessings from Oshun.

Oshun brings love, gold, and witchcraft to humanity. We honor her because her gifts sweeten our lives. It is said that she is the youngest Orisha, and she is known for her laughter, her dancing, and her beautiful fans. Her colors are saffron yellow and orange, and her number is five.

We will gather at the Fairy Cairn at 7:30 pm to make offerings to Oshun.

Celebrants are encouraged, but not required to wear white or yellow or orange clothing. Be aware that Oshun is a joyful spirit, and her ceremonies often end up with the celebrants spontaneously jumping in the sweet waters of the river for the sheer joy of Her.

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