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 NewsLogoBuilding, planting and planning. Sharing ceremony and good, home raised food.
Oddities in the weather and how the orchard did.
Observations on the Global Crisis.
Earth Spirit and Earth Living.
These are all parts of the News from Four Quarters.    Enjoy.  

July 3, 2023

The New Stones Have Arrived
By Orren P. Whiddon
Photos by Mike McConnell, Pam Alexander, Tom BlackHawk

WebTrucksA deep contrabass rumble echos through the hills as the big boys shoulder their loads.

     The Friday before Drum and Splash arrived misty and cool; with the promise of something big in the air as three tractor trailer flatbeds rumbled up our hilltop, carrying the next few years of stones for the circle.
     The crane from Digging and Rigging arrived at 7 in the morning, and at 7:30 fresh coffee with hot sausage biscuits were served from the Farmhouse kitchen.
      Then the fun began.

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June 14, 2023

New Stones for Four Quarters
By Orren P. Whiddon
Photos by Mike McConnell

2015   Lifting the Great North Stone from its truck

      I wanted to write a short note on what we have been working on this season, other than finishing touches to the new electrical system, expanding the showers, and the never ending grooming of our woodlands.
     You may remember that 2015 was a big year for us. That was when we took the momentous decision to purchase the adjoining 110 acre farm that we now know as New Camp and Fairview Station. That vertigo inducing $500,000 purchase is now just $50,000 owed with the bank, and all of the work in scrub clearance, drainage and the building of Rainbow Bridge are now memories.
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May 15, 2023

Beltaine 2023... A Photo Essay
By Orren P. Whiddon
Photos by Mike McConnell, Walter Bachteler and Kurt Griffith

Web1MaryPreparing for Fire Ceremony Friday Evening

  Spring Comes to The Land!  The warm blood rises,  the twig bears new leaf, The Lass and The Lad notice they are not alone, the babe in arms chortles in glee as the oldsters nod together in agreement. Spring Comes to The Land!

    A fresh crop of young people with 29 in attendance under 16 years, from young teens to the newly borne. Children running under foot everywhere, keeping a jump or two ahead of their 'rents.
    $750 worth of cut flowers, plus what attendees kindly brought. So many we had to buy from two local florists. Flowers on The Maypole, flowery wreaths on our heads, flowers on the dining tables and covering the Altars in The Stone Circle.
    Perfect, crystalline blue sky weather, warm at night, green bursting everywhere.
    And our new lighting breathing magic into the night-time of The Stone Circle. The grown-ups gasped, the children squealed as the forest lit up during our Saturday night ceremonies.

    Please follow us along as we present this photo essay of Beltaine 2023... at Four Quarters.

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January 22, 2023

Food and Community at Four Quarters
By Orren P. Whiddon

Griffith SM16 2190 1200cropMeal queue for Saturday Night Feast. Samhain 2016.

Since we humans first huddled around the fire to share its warmth, we have shared food. As an act of love, or of bonding within our shared culture. As recognition of connection, or as a means to build connection between people.
   Food is central at Four Quarters. We garden and buy beef and pork from our neighbor up the road. Potatoes and turnips too. We have easily prepared 10,000 Moon Service meals right in the Farm House kitchen, and there is no way to count the ten's of thousands of meals that have been prepared and served in camp.
   We sacralize our food with prayer and intention, we make ceremony with it... The Loaves of fresh baked bread served in community as the first act of each year's Stones Rising. The silent "Dumb Supper" that has marked many a Samhain dinner. Or the simple act of saying of grace around the meal that marks the close of a working day.
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January 23, 2023

2023 Schedule-at-a-Glance is now Available!
By Kurt Griffith

2023CalendarAtGlance 1200 Notice

In advance of the Wheel of the Year, The 2023 Schedule At A Glance is now available! Members, friends, guests and interested parties can download a printable PDF of the year's schedule here. We have just about all of our events listed, our regular Spiritual Events, Moon Services, Festivals, and Member Events through the end of the year. So start marking your calendars, putting in for those vacation days, and saving up that lunch money to get away!
We’re also working hard to get the 2023 Wheel of the Year out the door!
It's that time of year again, we're spinning the squirrel wheels to turn around the 2023 Wheel of the Year! We're updating the Web Site Event Pages, and scrabbling to prep the Wheel to go to press... Real Soon Now!
Do you want your own copy of the the 2023 Wheel of the Year sent to you, absolutely FREE? Visit our Publications Page


November 18, 2022

Full Moon & Winter Solstice Service
By Carrie Krystek & Kurt Griffith

North Copse in WinterJoin us on a Four Quarters' Winter's Day...North Copse in Winter.

Home for the Holidays

Please come home for the holidays as we celebrate the return of the Light with a light-hearted celebration of this joyous season! Celebrate with us the Rebirth of the Sun; Exchange with us Gifts of Love and Laughter, and Remember with us that the Wheel does turn, and soon the Sun’s light will once again warm our faces.

You can look forward to a birthday celebration for the new-born Sun, a groaning board feast, sugar cookies to decorate, and a hand crafted gift for everyone! Reunion with friends and family, ceremony and celebration. Blessed Solstice Greetings to One and All! 

Schedule of Activities
12pm    Festively Gather Together with Cookies, Punch, Cider, and Fun  --  Office
1pm      Cookie Decorating Activity  --  Office
3pm      Bardic Singalong Wassail  --  (Outside or Loft)
5pm      Blessings from the Gifting Tree  --  Office
6pm      Groaning Board Feast  --  Farmhouse Kitchen
7:30      Ritual: Facing the Cold and Dark, we Choose Light  --  Stone Circle
(Please plan to dress warmly for this outdoor ritual)

Note: subject to change due to weather etc. Check back on Dec. 9 to confirm the schedule.

Groaning Board Feast menu!
Spiral cut ham
Vegetarian roast
Roasted Root Vegetables
Blue Lake Green Beans
Dinner Rolls
Garden Salad

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November 7, 2022

Samhain 2022
By Orren Whiddon

MotherStone Light Ring2
Samhain 2022: A Photo Essay

          This year's Samhain was remarkable in many ways. Attendees experienced three major ceremonies on Friday evening, Saturday  afternoon, and Saturday evening, in addition to a focused Feast of The Dead. The season's last Sweat Lodge Ceremony was held, a workshop discussion focused on our Ancestors had lively conversation, and kids of all ages enjoyed the Pinata, Pumpkin Carving, and Crafted Flying Skeletons!
          For the first time ever we included all four meals as part of the registration, without a separate charge for a meal plan. As hoped this had a strong impact on our community and presages developments for Church events in the 2023 season.
             But what was truly memorable was the profound beauty of our new architectural landscape lighting and how it enhances the ceremonial experiences. This photo essay has over twenty-five gorgeous photos, please take your time and linger.
              With much thanks to Michel Lehmueller and Mike McConnell on the technical side and Pamela Alexander, Kailin Miller, Carrie Krystek, Mary Murphy, Beth Thomas, and Kurt Griffith
on the planning and ceremonial side.

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