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October 14, 2018


Bachteler 2647 RogerG2017 2 600x800

Roger Grandstaff, President Emeritus – Photo: W Bachteler

It is with great pride and deep appreciation that the Board of Directors welcomes back our past President Roger Grandstaff, who is returning to serve as a Seated Member of the Board of Directors in the capacity of President Emeritus. His deep wisdom, experience, and history of service are especially welcome.

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October 1, 2018


Stone Cirle 2016 K.Griffith

Stone Circle in Summer 2016 – Photo: K Griffith.

For Release

The Board of Directors of Four Quarters InterFaith have a number of very important announcements to make.

1:  Mark Hargreaves is on temporary leave of absence from his position as Vice-President, as he improves his health. Mark has our prayers. Ivy Sturm will serve as a seated BoD Member in his stead during his absence. Sophia Shultz has resigned her position effective Sept 1st, citing the stress of her personal life. Our BoD has grown from the traditional four seats, to the present six seats, in accordance with our constitution.

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September 25, 2018


Courthouse 1

Beford County Court House.

To our members and supporters,  

Please be advised that we have to postpone our Friday 9/28 trial date due to a family emergency with our legal team. We will announce when a new date is set. We are very thankful and appreciative to anyone who may have made have made arrangements for Friday. We hope you’ll come out to support us when the new date is set.

Blessings of the Land.

Board of Directors
Four Quarters Interfaith.


Download/View the 2nd Interim Court Order - [PDF file, 351 KB ]

Summary of Court Proceedings - 4 Aug 2018


August 8, 2018

Driveway Case: Second Interim Court Order

CourtOrder8aug2018 840

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For Immediate Release
Today August 8th, 2018 Four Quarters InterFaith received the Order of the Court of Common Pleas, Bedford County; finding for our Church and allowing the complete emergency rebuilding of Bridgeport Road to the specifications of our DEP permits. The Judge has specifically forbidden any interference by the defendants in this work. In consultation with our engineers, work will begin immediately.
The Board of Directors
Four Quarters InterFaith

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August 6, 2018

Nightmare at Four Quarters: From the Treasurer

The Nightmare Before Christmas nightmare before christmas 800

Disney/Horror Fuel

Hi All!

Orren here.

Having personally survived the late 80's and early 90's peak of the neo-pagan scene, I can tell you these young people are more decent than my own peer group was during their own youth. It should be noted that at this point 50% of our new memberships and new staff come to us through the young people first attracted to Four Quarters through EDM events. We began doing EDM in 2003, we now reap the fruits. The numbers tell the story:

Samhain Peak Attendance 2007 @ 145, 2017 @ 117
Yule Peak Attendance 2004 @ 75, 2017 @ 44

And we are one of the very last organizations that do any kind of traditional Samhain or Yule. Why? Because what is past, is past, and these kids are the future. Think of it! Traditional Samhain in the Stone Circle. And new Samhain ceremony for 2,000+ in New Camp! It makes my heart soar!

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August 6, 2018

Nightmare at Four Quarters

nightmare 800

Photo by Badass Raves

To Our Members and Friends,

Providing Spiritual Opportunities to New Seekers

For five years young adults have flocked to the Nightmare music festival in Maryland in celebration of the themes, aesthetics, and energy of Halloween. A new ordinance passed by county supervisors has left this event, scheduled for the last weekend in October, without a home.

After much consideration, the Board of Directors has decided to take in these young people, and to take on the challenge of hosting Nightmare in New Camp, alongside Samhain in Main Camp. We will be reaching out to a population of Seekers who have had a lot of personal losses in their young lives; this is important work for our Church and fitting of our mission.

We make ceremony for ourselves and we welcome those who have come to the Land seeking, as has been the way of things for many years. We will share Samhain on our Land, standing in service to the young people who have lost their own place for celebration... a pain Four Quarters knows all too well from its own history. We will honor our Ancestors in our traditional ways, and we make healing ceremony for both long-time attendees and those with us for the first time.

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August 4, 2018

Update on Road Case

joy stamp 21279 unsplash 800

Photo by Joy Stamp on Unsplash

To Our Members and Friends,

We thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and positive energy sent our way for the most recent trip to the Bedford Courthouse.
To recap as succinctly as possible: Two of our neighbors, Joyce Plake and Luther Conrad were still contesting our use of the road, claiming the volume of traffic and the repairs we wish to make are unreasonable, though the judge has already agreed that we hold the dominant easement by implication and have a responsibility to maintain the roadway. This trip was our chance to fill in much of the evidence that was not entered at the initial hearing in August 2017 due to our attorney's unexpected and severe illness. The judge reopened the proceeding to allow us this opportunity and the Board, in consultation with our excellent legal team, Attorneys Passarello and Bucknum, made certain this opportunity was not wasted by preparing exhaustive evidence.
Further, on Tuesday, July 31 into August 1st, Four Quarters received nearly 5" of pounding rain which significantly collapsed the culvert near Luther's property. The road is currently impassable to industrial traffic (eg. port-a-pots, firewood, kitchen deliveries, etc.), and barely passable for emergency services and passenger vehicles.
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