The Future and Four Quarters
Michael Jones

We live in a world with an uncertain and foreboding future where the long-standing paradigms of stability are becoming questionable. The US economic downtrend, the fall of the stock markets, the rapid increase in living costs, and the dilution of the purchasing power of money are some examples. Additionally, the resources to support modern society are being stretched thin. In the midst of these hard times is a place and a culture that can weather the storm - the Land and Community of Four Quarters. The vision and dedication of its Members to maintain a sanctuary for the seventh generation is its key to survival. Living close to the Land with reverence for Earth Spirit is its key to sustainability.

Four Quarters’ mission and values are what make it strong. Times are changing, and the ability to adapt to the new challenges before us is very important. As an old saying goes, “Bend as the wave breaks, or it will break you as well.” The Live-In Staff are constantly finding ways to do more with less, reuse and rebuild what we have, and learn ways to produce what we need locally.

As someone who recognizes the big picture of issues facing society today, I feel Four Quarters lives up to its title of Sanctuary. It is an oasis of sustainable living in the midst of a desert of materialism and capitalism. The ideals of personal responsibility and pooling of community resources are critical in this Age of Limits.

In my opinion, Four Quarters is a place that has a bright future in troubling times. I am very happy to call this Land my home, and the people who support it my family. I enjoy the food we grow, the shelter of the buildings we erect, and the sharing of skills that goes into keeping this place running. The long-standing support and contributions from our Members keep the doors open. All these things contribute to our long-term ability to persevere. I hope that no matter what the future may hold, Four Quarters and the Center for Earth Living will be a shining example for those seeking to adapt and learn new ways to live in these times.