MoonArmsCeremony with No Tools:
Meditation Communication with Guardian Spirits

By Patricia Althouse

Two years ago I wrote a ceremony that used no tools. It was a general ritual, accessible to anyone, and a ritual that could help connect or deepen one's relationship with the Elements and the Divine. It was intended to help provide a physical, mental, and magical space to grow and connect with the Earth on a spiritual level.

One of the elders of my path of Wicca, known as Stone Circle Wicca, has taught me that it is through Wiccan ceremony – especially its regular practice thereof – that we come to innately know our overwhelming ethic, which is the knowledge of our connectedness to everything around us. This connectedness is inescapable to one practiced in Wicca, and a source of spiritual intuition which informs our active intention as we navigate the conflicting choices we make every day. This feeling of connectedness extends beyond ceremony and into our every day as we live our life.

There is a way to reach out beyond ourselves for help in guiding our choices as we consider the consequences of our daily actions. There is a way to know our path, our role in this life that betters the world rather than worsens it. And it is through exercising regular elements of Wiccan ceremony that it can be obtained. This year, let’s consider a ceremony that focuses on a very important aspect of Pagan and Wiccan practice: discovering and communicating with one's Guardian Spirit.

Why is it important to foster communication with your Guardian Spirit? In short, to know your True Will. Consider the Wiccan Rede, “An it harm none, do what you will.” What is your will? It is not necessarily the same thing as your desire. Personal desires can be good or bad, and must be thought about and often managed. You do not always need to get what you desire. But your Will? It is through will that you decide upon and initiate action. It is through will you deliberate upon desire and intention. To really and fully know one's true will is to know what your path is and what to do in any given situation. If you know your True Will, it naturally follows that you will “harm none” because you will be acting in alignment with your highest self. Knowing your True Will is harder than it sounds; it takes a lot of time and work. There are no shortcuts.

The good news is there are rewards for expending the effort to communicate with your Guardian Spirit and learn your True Will. This is a road to happiness. This is to experience innate peace. To know your True Will is to know your path and following it gives many blessings. To not know your True Will means you may not be following your path, and working against your path is one of the definitions of suffering.

A note about signs along the way to look for. Remember that this practice leads you along the path you are meant to follow in this life, as revealed by your Guardian Spirit. All true paths lead to the light – defined as pure knowledge of self, and a deep knowing of connectedness to and compassion for all. This is important. Any Spirit not leading you in that direction is not your Guardian. It might be a Spirit of some kind, and you may be able to learn something valuable from it, but ultimately it can lead you away from your True Will.

As you practice and meditate, you may be eventually rewarded with brief periods of connection. It's hard to hold, and I've lost the feeling before in the very action of trying to hang onto it. Even though brief, these moments are gifts along the way. 

The Guardian Spirit is all-encompassing. It is all that you are, all you can ever be, the guide to your best self, and a being just beyond your soul. A person in full communication with their Guardian Spirit existing in the presence of gentle, life-giving sunshine.

Are you ready? Begin. Make the intention. Keep trying. Don't give up. The more you invoke, the more successful you will eventually be. This does not happen immediately. I speak from experience here. Have I achieved this wonderful goal I've been writing about? Nope. Have I been able to glimpse it for a split second once or twice? Yes. And it keeps me striving to improve.

May your efforts be Blessed.

Meditation on Guardian Spirit Communication

Intent: to facilitate the celebrant’s discovery/conversation with their Guardian Spirit. This ceremony was presented as a Moon Service at Four Quarters and is designed as a guided meditation for a group. It can certainly be modified for a single person.

1. Ground and Center with the Invocation
We collect our energies and open a sacred portal between realms in the Four Quarters manner, drawing upon the energy of our Stone Circle. “Sing through my voice, play through my hands; Let the Way be Open

Sing through my voice, play through my hands; Let the Way be Open
Sing through my voice, play through my hands; Let the Way be Open
I sing for the Stones, I sing for the Land
I sing for the Stones, I sing for the Land
I sing for the Stones, I sing for the Land
Let the way be Open.”

2. Cast Circle
Start by facing East. Extend your dominant arm out, parallel to the ground. Point your index and middle fingers out, and curl the other fingers in. Your hand is now the Blade, or Athame, casting the circle. As you speak the words, turn deosil from East, through South, West, and North, returning to East as you finish. [Group: one person steps into the center of the circle to cast circle around the whole group, then returns to their place in the circle afterward.]
“This circle is cast, by what we include, and by what we exclude.
It is cast with good, and not evil intent.
It is cast with love and not hate.
It is cast with the positive and not the negative.
This circle is cast by our own presence in this place.
It is cast so that we may pierce the veil
and travel in safety in the dwelling of all Spirits.
It is cast in order to allow good and helpful Spirits
– the ones known as our Guardians.
This circle is cast with this one common purpose.
Now we are in Sacred Space.
Now we walk in the shelter of the circle's protection.
Now we sense the presence of our Guardians.
This circle is cast, so mote it be!”

3. Invoking the Divine Elements and Spirits of the Tribe
This is a simple and elegant round that highlights the connectedness and integration of Elements, Deity, and Spirits. It is used as an alternate to the standard Invocations. [Group: Each line may be said by a different person while facing outward from the circle, passing the energy from point to point around. Everyone says the last line in unison.]
“I spoke to the Wind, and it sang to me of the Sun.
I spoke to the Sun, and it shone to me of the Sea.
I spoke to the Sea, and it danced to me of the Earth.
I spoke to the Earth, and it drummed to me of our Mother.
I spoke to our Mother, and she revealed to me of our Father.
I spoke to our Father, and he chanted to me of our Ancestors.
I spoke to our Ancestors and they whispered to me of our Descendants.
I spoke to our Descendants and their silence told me of the Wind.
May they guide us in their ways.”

4. State the Intention
[Group: One person may be chosen to read this for everyone.]
“Within each of us dwells a Protector; our inner ally,
our support in stressful situations,
our sudden inspiration, and our courage.
We don't have to fight our dark times alone.

Each of us has a Guardian; our Inner Light, our guide in difficult decisions,
who stands ready to help us in times of need.
Some know their Guardian Spirits, some have not met them yet.
Each person envisions it differently, for its manifestations a
re as numerous as the stars in the sky.
Whether you feel it is a part of your psyche or some entity closely wedded to you –
a guardian angel, a god or goddess, or an animal spirit – it is there.

Now in this sacred space we seek communication with our Guardian Spirits.
We do so for Spiritual betterment, for knowledge, for guidance,
and for protection, to name just a few reasons.
What questions come to mind as you think on your Guardian?
Will you ask about your path, your desires, your needs,
or would you ask about something else?
Perhaps it will be to simply meet and stand in the presence of your Guardian Spirit.”

5. Ground and Center
– don't rush this part. Stand: Stretch out. Reach for the ceiling. Then Shake it out. Reach for the floor. Inhale and make a big “sigh.”
Sit: Deep breath in through the nose, hold, and sigh out slowly. Fill the lungs completely. Three times. Be as comfortable as possible, connecting with the earth beneath you. Breathe naturally. Feel the tensions of everyday life drop away. Let your breath flow easily. Relax. Relax. Close your eyes: Become aware of your Point of Center inside yourself. Focus on it. Calm your mind. Center your mind. Reach from your Point of Center down into the earth and to anchor your mind and body in this time and space. Be like a tree as you reach roots into the earth. Be like a tree as you prepare to reach branches out into the universe. [Group: Each person does the above to prepare for meditation. Then, one person who is chosen to lead the guided meditation will speak the parts 6 through 10 to lead everyone on the journey together.]

6. Find the Inner Doorway
“There is a threshold in your mind. A doorway to the Spirit realm. Now create a focus; an image to aid in your goal. It may be one of the elements, like burning incense, a lit candle, a bowl of water, or a darkened mirror. It may be an animal. It may be a Deity. Fix this image in your mind. This is your gateway. When you are ready, allow yourself to push forward, to cross over, to let the image take over, and open up into the presence of your guardian spirit. You are moving and being still at the same time. If it helps, bring to your mind a prayer with which to call and welcome Them.” (short pause)

7. Personal Prayer
“Feel the presence of your Guardian Spirit. Seek them out. When you sense the presence, take time to commune with your Guardian Spirit. Think of the questions that you wanted to ask, the things you wanted to say. Should you not feel their presence, do not be concerned. They see you. Communicate with them. Pray.”(pause for a time to allow communication)

8. Listen for a Sign or Message
“Your Guardian Spirits may have a message or a Sign for you. This message could contain important knowledge regarding something beyond your questions. Pay attention, not only for the answers to your questions, but for these signs and messages as well. Your true will is here.” (pause for a time to allow communication)

9. Thank you
“The time for leave-taking has come. Now is the time to thank your Guardian Spirits for their presence.” (short pause)

10. Return
“Come back to the doorway in your mind. Reenter the same way you left. The way is there. The way is safe and protected. Return.... Return.... Return.... Become aware of your physical form slowly. Send any excess energy back into the earth through your rooted connection. Then draw your connection back into your Point of Center. Move gradually. Stretch out. Waken your body.” (give everyone a chance to collect themselves)

11. Devoking the Divine Elements and Spirits of the Tribe
As it was built up at the beginning, so it is unwound at the end. [Group: Each person who had one of the lines in the beginning now says their corresponding line here. Face outward like before, passing the energy from point to point around. Everyone says the last line in unison.]
“I spoke to our Descendants, and their silence told me of our Ancestors.

I spoke to our Ancestors, and they whispered to me of our Father.
I spoke to our Father, and he chanted to me of our Mother.
I spoke to our Mother, and she revealed to me of the Earth.
I spoke to the Earth, and it drummed to me of the Sea.
I spoke to the Sea, and it danced to me of the Sun.
I spoke to the Sun, and it shone to me of the Wind.
I spoke to the Wind, and it sang to me of our Descendants.
May they guide us in their ways.

12. Circle Release
[Group: Spoken by the circle caster. Everyone responds with “Blessed Be!”]
“This circle is open, the Guardian Spirits continue on their paths.
This circle is open, we exit the veil and return to our own proper time and place.
This circle is open, but never broken.
May the peace of the Gods go ever in our hearts.
Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again.
Blessed Be!”