LoricaThe Lorica of Four Quarters

By Christopher (Blinx) Doerfler

Four Quarters Interfaith: to me, that last word is at the heart of what we do here on the Land.
I feel that the idea that every path, every religion, has something to offer reflects one of my core beliefs that spiritual truth is too large for any one system to fully encompass. I believe that each person must find what works for them and also to let others use what they find works in their own lives. I have seen this in many of the moon rituals. I have seen this in the myriad of projects that have happened on the land. If Four Quarters was a food it would definitely be a stew. The potato of African traditions, the onion of Celtic beliefs, carrots comprised of the Native American ways of worship all sprinkled with the spices of Faerie, Norse, Wicca and Alchemy to create a hearty meal that blends all those flavors together.

It is with this idea in mind that I am creating this offering to my tribe. The core idea is one that has roots in monastic Christianity and very probably from even earlier Pagan traditions. The term is Lorica, which translated from Latin means breastplate. In the olden times knights would have these inscriptions written on armor or shields to recite before engaging in battle. The prayer itself calls upon the powers of the Divine to protect the knight from evil in all its forms. The most famous of these is the Lorica of St. Patrick.

While I really liked the idea of a prayer to help don my psychic armor, the wording was very much a product of the Christian church and did not resonate with my personal path. So I created a version that did. It is full of imagery that relates to my time on the land. It is my hope that it resonates with some of you as well.  This was created with the help of some of o
ur wonderful members, Jason Freshwater, Rachel Toni Tarnalicki, Melissa Ford, and Randall Hemenway.

Lorica of Four Quarters

I arise in the blessing of perfect love
Through what is included I am strengthened
I walk in the blessing of perfect trust
Through the ME of creation I am guided
By the Air of the Labyrinth, my thoughts are cleared
By the Fires of the Drum Circle, my passion burns bright
By the Waters of Hemlock Hole, my emotions are calmed
By the Earth of the Standing Stones, my body is sustained
By the Spirit of the Faery Cairn is my soul connected to the Otherworlds
I am dirt made holy, birthed by the Great Mother  
I am spirit made flesh through the sacrifice of theAll-Father
I am the union of opposites, personified by Both
I am the expanse of limitless potential of Neither
I call to my Ancestors for support and guidance
I call to my Descendants for purpose and motivation
I am Educated by my Higher Self
I am Challenged by my Shadow Self
Through my voice, I hear my tribe sing
Through my hands, I help my tribe play
Through sacred connection to my tribe
The way is always open.
All above me is Divine
All below me is Divine
The Divine is at my right
The Divine is at my left
Divinity extends before me
Divinity follows behind me
The Divine surrounds me
The Divine is within me
I am guided
I am protected
I am blessed
I am whole
So Mote It Be