My experience of last year's Sun Dance was one of extraordinary spiritual power. Even half a year later, I am still, as the Dance Leader and one of the lead dancers commented, incredibly impressed at everyone’s magnificent effort and the incredible vibe that came off the entire event, magnificently hosted and supported by Four Quarters.

The ten months I spent prepping and making my household insane with incessant Sun Dance songs could not match four days around the drum with an experienced Lakota lead singer. I am twice the singer I was when the dancers entered the arbor. I have to admit, the majority of my recollection of the actual dance itself is Willie Black Cat’s stick expertly rising and falling on the drum and his hands signaling a push-up or change up. After a while the voice came back, too! Washte! For a quite a while after, I was still hearing those Sacred Songs in my head all the time. I find myself singing whenever the brain stops and settles.

I’ve spoken to the Dance Leader about our experience and thinking about this year’s dance. We’ve gotten very positive feedback. Gods 'n' spirits help me, I am already committing for this year. We’ve also noted many powerful and good things coming to both dancers and the supporters from the strength of people’s prayers. Pilamaye! So once again, I am singing, praying, getting ready. Mitaquye oyasin.