The Goddess is Coming and is She Pissed!
Juliet Waldron

Star Tendril Logo    Earth Spirituality is a daily practice, a spirit of attention toward all creation. It means embracing silence, giving thanks for all not man-made. It means pausing to worship Mother Earth in all her manifestations many times a day. SEE the tiny yellow flowers of the Witch Hazel in autumn, the spore bloom of orange upon spring’s green moss, the weathered apple tree beneath which I stand and listen to a divine host singing among the blooms, busy performing the miracle they’ve performed since the Cretaceous. Watch clouds and bow humbly before sun rise and set. See how the geese fly, salute their wild songs, kiss a hand to Mother Moon and receive in return Her shivery kiss, curl up to travel the night road with a warm cat close, while a great horned owl chants her ancient ritual in the old maple outside. Hug a tree, hear spring’s sap gurgle and rise, feel the life glowing within rough bark. Let your feet sink roots into Our Mother, and stand until your head fills with light and shakes astral leaves into the sky.

    On the “Mundania” level, it also means participation in society; voting at every election for candidates who believe in saving the planet from generations of casual waste and blind destruction. Th is means being an informed citizen, writing letters and volunteering time to the political process, attending bad-vibes in-crowd local government meetings, run by and for the Benefit of the Few to the Disenfranchisement of the Many. It means asking for “impossible” things, like more public transportation and real bike paths and safe storage, for health care for everyone as they have in other industrialized countries,for permeable pavers and more trees. It means eating local food and supporting nearby family farms and not agribusiness. It means composting, recycling and buying stuff used. It means not purchasing food swathed in plastic. It means being careful of where you spend money, and as far as possible not contributing to corporations who treat their workers and Mother Earth badly, whose lobbyists wipe their feet daily on our precious Bill of Rights, those same corporations who spend zillions of dollars on maintaining the lethal status quo of petroleum and pesticide, which has already maimed us and our children and which will eventually cause another mass extinction.
Om Krim Kali Ma!

(Loosely translated: The Goddess is Coming and is She Pissed!) ❧