My name is Aase Wiborg,
and the Mackerel on my Hat is Immortal.

Aase Wiborg

    My particular kind of Earth-based religion is something like this:

Air copy    The place that is most sacred, closest to spirit, is HERE. This earth is not just dirt, or a place to be endured while we strive to be taken to some other, purer, better, more transcendent place after we die or become enlightened or whatever. It is the only home we know for absolutely certain that we have. If we long for our souls to feel happy, then let us make our joy HERE. If we long for our souls to feel free, then let us find freedom HERE. If we ache to feel balance, then let us make little adjustments and celebrate each success HERE. Starting NOW.
     We live in changing times. Some of us have gifts that help to plan for the future; others analyze the past to identify and learn from past mistakes. Neither of those is my particular path on this earth. If i spent my love for this earth on the past or the future, i could so easily lose myself in worry, indignation, fear, and guilt, turning the sharp edges of my mind against myself and my fellow human beings.

     So i’m striving to live responsibly and lovingly in the here and now. And the EARTH in which i ground my soul and spirit is not just “nature,” it extends to farms, towns, cities, college campuses, trailer parks, parking lots, libraries... It’s so easy for our minds to separate ‘nature’ from the things that human beings ‘do’ and then pass judgment on ourselves and each other. But i am a human being, and living comfortably as part of a culture of consumption, and i can not heal my impact on this earth by turning my possessions into trash in the name of simplification. Driving for hours to feel connected to Spirit through nature will not change me, or the world, if i’m just running away from a reality that i perceive as a problem.
     For me, the spirituality is this: to accept, love, and connect to the All, the Whole, the Source, Spirit, the Great Whatever
that i call God, right HERE, NOW. And choosing to find hope and cautious optimism, expecting myself to be capable of good works, expecting other human beings to have infinite potential and basic decency, trusting that tomorrow will be that it’s up to me to make it better.
Some days it’s easier than others. So i thank the heavens for Gravity, that unrelenting force that grounds me in the earth, keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground, and reminds me...
     -“you are part of me.”  ❧