What’s all this, Zen?
Shulameet (Miriam Benson)

Star Tendril LogoRecently, Orren asked me; if you follow a religion that reveres the Earth, how does your spiritual path aid the planet in this time of ecological crisis? I have been a practicing Wiccan for 30 years and have studied much and achieved several diff erent initiations. However, when I’m asked for my “credentials,” I always reply, “I’m a Discordian adept!” Now, how can that possibly help anyone, let alone the entire planet, one might ask. What good could that do? It’s even a flat out contradiction in terms! Yes, it is and that’s the source from which I draw wisdom.

 To find new solutions to our problems, we need to alter our thinking. We need to break old patterns and challenge some long held beliefs if we intend to change the behavior of the whole world. Just as one might use a carrot for motivation instead of a stick, humor can reach people when sober talk would be dismissed. I am not an expert in any branch of science, nor do I have any other great discipline or resource at my disposal. So, as the great spiritual masters advise, I work with what I have and grow where I am planted. I see existence as a chance, our turn on the stage of life to make a diff erence. What I try to off er is the renewal of your creative self, in an ethical setting, so that you can make the most of this opportunity. think deeply, dream big, live right and your next bright idea might help save the planet.

Glad I could help! ❧