With Reverence
Virginia McGrath

Water copy    l understand that the Earth, like human kind, embodies electromagnetic pathways that contain life force energy animating and sustaining life. That there is a web of connection between us and our “Mother” who nourishes, supports and encourages all growing things. Is adaptable, changeable, powerful, fertile, solid, energizing, potent, beautiful, kind. She is, like we, an evolving consciousness that responds to human intention. She will listen if you speak to her and speak if you will listen. She has off ered to serve humanity as we should respond in kind to her. She is a living entity deep within the Earth and resurfaces her energy as a massively explosive volcano or as tiny ripples on a lakeside shore.

    With reverence do I place each step in gratitude for this awareness and feel her heartbeat coinciding with my own. Tears fill my eyes as I realize we are one. In Unity with her and my fellow man do I wish to walk my path with integrity and peace. Mother Earth is an example of unbiased compassion, giving to all equally without judgement. If you care to, ask her how you may help to give back and she will tell you how best you may serve; and may even give you a gift for your genuine concern.

    I have found that her stones are her markers for Holy ground, sending her messages to the sky as well as into the ground. Her relationship to the Sun is more intimate than a Lover’s; and to the Moon, Magical. at her trees, every one, breathes in as we exhale and breathes out as we inhale, sending our discomforts and fears to the core of the Earth, neutralizing, calming and recycling the energy to be used anew. Her life forms, every one a teacher.

    She lends herself as the gateway to the underworld, for Spirit travelers who seek answers to their deepest questions. Portal to the Universe of Unlimited Possibility. It is our home, bridge, tunnel, cave, ocean, mountain, dessert, cliff , river, valley, transporter, alchemist, evolving One with All.

    I am grateful to walk this Earth in Light and Joy, to be free to make the choices that guide me on my path, here and now. I Honor the Sacred Within Me, I Honor the Sacred Within You too. ❧