The Four Quarters Labyrinth
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Join us as we Continue our Construction!
Spring: April 20, 2024
Samhain: November 2, 2024

Thanks to the work of dedicated volunteers, the Labyrinth looks great! Enjoy some pics, and be sure to visit it next time you are at the Farm! A HUGE Thank You to everyone who came out and helped at the Labyrinth! Together, we not only got 10 stones in, we mowed, trimmed, put out new rope, and our new lighting system. It was Fantastic to see so many people interested in lending a hand! Thank you to everyone for your Service!

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Additional Pictures:

Labyrinth Helpers

Labyrinth Helpers Too!

Labyrinth 360

Have you seen our Labyrinth?
Four Quarters’ Labyrinth is 76 feet in diameter, containing a single winding path to the Center, which then winds its way back out again. This is not a maze, but a purposeful path. The design is unique to Four Quarters, based on an ancient Cretan layout. The Labyrinth sits on the highest hill of Four Quarters, near Main Parking.  To walk the Labyrinth is a journey of almost one-half mile; it covers over 4,500 square feet and is being constructed of granite curbing blocks, sunk deep into the Earth. We build things to last here at Four Quarters, and we like them BIG!
It didn’t magically appear there; hard work and dedicated members are making it happen. Its story follows…

labyrinth2005Labyrinths and Four Quarters have a long history. A labyrinth was part of the Church’s letterhead, logo and welcome sign. Temporary labyrinths were created for ritual to provide a meditative opportunity for spiritual seekers. The labyrinth was such a popular and compelling archetype that members felt it was important to have a permanent one on the Land. With the encouragement of the Board of Directors, the Labyrinth Committee began raising funds for construction in 2002.

The Labyrinth is being constructed of granite curbing stones, with unfinished sections mowed into the grass. It has quickly become a popular feature at the Farm, and has been a part of many Events, Moon Services, private celebrations, Handfastings, and personal meditations. Our Labyrinth is always open, and in the evening is lit by solar lights; it is a great place to see the night sky in all its glory.

Because of this ideal location, we mark the Summer and Winter Solstice Sunrise and Sunsets from the center. Four tall wooden poles on the perimeter of our Labyrinth mark where the Solstice Sun sets and rises. Standing in the center of the circle, face these poles; behind them on the horizon is the place where the Solstice Sun set and rose. When our Labyrinth is completed, these locations will be marked with Standing Stones.

Labyrinth clouds 800Through various fundraisers and through very generous donations of members and guests, the first stones were purchased in 2005, with a second purchase in early 2010. Construction started at Samhain ’05, and has continued each Samhain and early Spring. As of April 2024, over 320 stones are now in place, and ~ over 600 feet of the Labyrinth is now “set in stone!” Approximately 50% of the labyrinth construction is now complete!

While very pleased at this growth, over 600 feet remain to be constructed, and about 1/3 of the stone needed remains to be purchased. Everyone’s support is needed for this project; this will be a work of years, stone by stone.

How can you help the Labyrinth?
•   You can support the fundraising by Sponsoring a Stone for $20, or just by giving a donation.
•   Volunteer for the Labyrinth Committee—Dedicated folks who know how to Work and have Fun doing it!
•   Get Down and Dirty!—Help us dig and lay the stone at Samhain and in the Spring-Watch for Dates!
•   2024 Construction dates: April 20, and Samhain, November 2, 2024.

For more information and detailscontact:
Carrie Krystek This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (703) 786-1880

labyrinth-wholeWhy Walk the Labyrinth?
Labyrinths are walked as a form of meditation and celebration, and in the walking the spirit finds healing and wholeness. There is no absolutely “right” way to walk the Labyrinth!  Walk slow, moderate, or fast; walk with one foot in front of other or dance! Most walk alone, but you may choose to walk with another. It may be used to quiet the mind. You may silently repeat a phrase or mantra. You can pause now and then to record your thoughts in a journal. If you pray, this can be thought of as a body prayer. It can also be used as a dance of celebration or joy.

You do not need a lot of concentration when Walking the Labyrinth. The sheer act of walking helps to discharge energy and focus the mind. We suggest that when preparing to walk you reflect upon what issues confront you. This helps you into a receptive and quieted state in which insights will come forward and inspiration will be received.

Labyrinth Donor Honor Roll

Wade Bauer
Denise Scott
William Wurtzel
Ed Mickle
Clarissa Mickle
Robin T.
Lucinda V.
The Pauls/Stevenson-Perez Family
Bill Staihoviak
Zone and Zonal Patcher
Sharon Sickafuse
Scorch and the DC Radical Fairies
Rena Damsky
Jim Donovan
Marcia Bourgeois
Brendan Rich
Herschel Nelson
Walter Weaving Eagle
James and Deb Florczyk
Victoria Smith
Allysa Crews

Many special thanks to Denise Scott who was inpsired to start this project, before moving down to the sunny lands of Florida!

With fond memories and many gracious thanks to Brian Dunlap, who supported the Labyrinth in many ways from 2004 until his passing in March 2021.